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‘Got Their Mojo Back’

Eagles Rediscover Passing Game in Wild OT Victory


The Washington Commanders brought the challenge, but the Philadelphia Eagles stuck to their formula to pull off the 34-31 overtime victory.

On the Week 4 edition of “Inside The Birds Postgame Live” former Eagles tight end Clay Harbor joined Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher for an instant reaction to the thrilling win.

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts put forth his best passing game of the season in the 34-31 win over the Washington Commanders

Passing Game

Adam Caplan: “(Jalen) Hurts was super aggressive today and the protection was great…he made some great throws, the timing was back between him and A.J. Brown. They were going after Emmanuel Forbes when they saw him on the field. You have to feel pretty good, they put up 34 against a decent defense. They got their mojo back downfield, they needed to get that because that was a huge part of last year’s offense.”

Geoff Mosher: “As the season goes on and they are trying to work this passing game, this is who the Eagles want to be. When the Eagles have to run and put it all on the run game, they will, but they came out with a plan to push the ball against this Washington secondary and for the most part you started to see some semblance of last year’s passing attack.”

Clay Harbor: “Your running game is not always going to take over the game for you on offense, sometimes you are going to have to say ‘they are weak in the defensive backfield and our receivers are better’, especially when you have A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith.”

Dallas Goedert

Harbor: “It was good to see A.J. and DeVonta get going, but get my tight end the ball. You can’t help it some days, but you want this guy to be a part of the pass game. Scheme some stuff to get him open, get him a couple of screens, a stick route.”

Caplan: “Against this defense that they saw, zone busters over the middle, that has to be Goedert. They have to get him the football. That to me is the missing link to get for getting this offense to where it was last year.”

Nic Morrow/Blitzing

Caplan: “The story was Nic Morrow as a late blitzer. He had three sacks.”

Mosher: “That just shows you, Jonathan Gannon took so much flack, win or loss, because he didn’t blitz enough, didn’t dial enough pressure. I bet if you look at the numbers, it shows that while Sean Desai is not blitzing that much either, but he picked good spots today that worked when he was going to be more aggressive.”

Braden Mann

Mosher: “The operation on the field goals have been good, but the line drive punts are not what the Eagles are looking for.”

Caplan: “He had one really good punt but one that was short, you can’t have that. They worked out one player this week and it was a punter. We will keep an eye on it, they have one elevation left. The plan was to sign him to a contract after three weeks, but unless he improves, that is no given.”

Cam Jurgens

Harbor: “Jurgens had been playing well [before the foot injury], you had not been hearing much from him and that is a good thing. He fit right in and has been one of the guys we have been really impressed with on that offensive line and one of the reasons the Eagles have been able to run the ball the way they have. (Sua) Opeta had a nice game, but Jurgens would be a big loss if he is out.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.
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