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‘Keep Your Cool’

Q&A: Does Sirianni Need to Change His Tone?


There is a lot for the Philadelphia Eagles to clean up despite ending a three-game losing streak.

On the latest episode of “Q&A,” on “Inside The Birds,” former Eagles standouts Jason Avant and Quintin Mikell recapped the 33-25 win over the New York Giants and discussed where the team can go from here.

Nick Sirianni

GETTY IMAGES: Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni had animated discussions on the sidelines with players and coaches in the Week 16 victory

Nick Sirianni

Quintin Mikell: “I think he does a good job for the most part, but in these situations where there is a lot of pressure on the line, a lot of important little things that need to be managed, you have to keep your cool. I know that is how he is, but he has to do a better job of being poised and understanding that we need to focus on the job at hand.”

Jason Avant: “The team takes on the character of the head coach, so when you see outbursts from the head coach, the players unconsciously think they can do the same thing. You can’t have panickers in the midst of battle.”

Run Game

Mikell: “The gameplan was smart and they ran the ball well. It looked like the run game went a little bit more towards what they used to do last year: more traditional, some counters. I liked the addition of pistol and being under center.”

Jalen Hurts

Avant: “Jalen left a lot on the field. He has to be able to recognize and be prepared, him and Brian Johnson, for blitzing and get him in favorable calls. There were too many times where the routes were too late developing on a zero blitz. At times he is running out of the pocket when it is not necessary. It’s okay to throw one at somebody’s feet, just don’t take the sack. Understand where the checkdown is…but Jalen saved the day. The throw to A.J. Brown changed the game. Third-and-twenty, he climbed the pocket, avoided the pressure, kept his eyes down the field, caused a few defenders to think twice for just a few seconds and got the ball up over the top. That was an absolutely outstanding play by Hurts.”

Matt Patricia

Mikell: “I think the defense is getting better. The Giants are not world beaters, but guys are getting closer to the ball. They are communicating, playing physical. From that point of view, he is doing a great job getting guys ready to play and teaching all of the little ins and outs that make a defense more dangerous. I would love to see more pressure, but I don’t think that is his thing.”

Avant: “Patricia is teaching them how to play defense, get their assignments down and then he will trust them with more stuff once they understand the nuances of the game…The one area we have to improve in is I don’t think we are physical when it comes to receiver screens.”

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