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‘Begins With Sweat’

ITB Midseason Awards


Despite ups and downs, the Philadelphia Eagles will enter the second half of the regular season with an NFL-best 8-1 record.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher dished out team midseason awards.

Josh Sweat

Eagles DE Josh Sweat is enjoying a breakout year and has been one of the team’s most important players


MVP: A.J. Brown

Geoff Mosher: “To my knowledge, I can’t think of a pass that he has dropped [this season]…he has made every single catch you can imagine under the sun. He has played better than he played last year. That to me, is why he is the clearcut [team] MVP.”

Adam Caplan: “He has been the most dominant receiver this season, has been absolutely incredible. The defense knows where the ball is going and they can’t stop him.”

Most Improved Player: Britain Covey/Landon Dickerson

Caplan (Britain Covey): “He is a tremendous punt returner, he’s fearless. Let’s give the much maligned [special teams coach] Michael Clay credit.”

Mosher (Landon Dickerson): “I do think he has had a better year than last year, specifically in pass protection. We know he is a mauler in the run game.”

Best Offseason Addition: D’Andre Swift

Caplan: (D’Andre Swift) “He is so good. I know his yards per carry are down lately. While he has not gotten the creases that he had earlier this season, he has still been terrific.”

Biggest Surprise: Julio Jones/Offensive Line

Caplan (Julio Jones): “He adds size, he can clearly still play, has something left in the tank. This is the kind of good depth signing.”

Mosher (Offensive Line): “There have been times that the offensive line has been handled, not just the Jets game, New England gave some troubles, there were times Washington has. They are still the best, if not top three, offensive line, but we have become so accustomed to never finding a game where you can say they got handled.”

Biggest Disappointment: Rashaad Penny/DeVonta Smith

Caplan (Rashaad Penny): “He has not been what they thought he was. It’s a shame because they really could use a back with size.”

Mosher (DeVonta Smith): “He has had some bad drops this year that are uncharacteristic. I would weigh it that way because he is way more important to the offense.”


MVP: Josh Sweat

Caplan: “He does everything well, plays the run, is a very good pass rusher. He can redirect really well, run fits are good, stand up, hand down, inside in nickel. This guy has to be a Pro Bowler.”

Mosher: “He has 6.5 sacks, eight tackles for loss and 16 quarterback hits, that is tied for fourth in the NFL. His run defense is phenomenal. The whole defensive line begins with Josh Sweat.”

Most Improved Player: Jordan Davis

Mosher: “He has stayed on the field, been a dominant force against the run, has shown some pass rush. Clearly you have seen progression from him here.”

Caplan: “He is in much better physical shape. Super motivated with a chip on his shoulder and it has shown. He is a big reason why their run defense has majorly improved.”

Best Rookie: Jalen Carter

Caplan: “He is bringing it, right up there for defensive rookie of the year.”

Biggest Surprise: Eli Ricks/Nic Morrow/Zach Cunningham

Caplan (Eli Ricks/Nic Morrow): “Ricks has been a great story of development. He has worked his way up and has a role. He is an undrafted free agent that is contributing. Morrow has been a good story. I didn’t think much of him because they cut him, but he has played really well.”

Mosher (Zach Cunningham): “He has been a three-down linebacker. He was supposed to be the guy to come in and defend the run, he has been on the field in passing situations and has more than held his own.”

Biggest Disappointment: James Bradberry

Mosher: “For him to have played the way he has this year is not what I saw coming.”

Caplan: “He has a target on his back, teams are going after him. He has given up a lot of plays.”

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