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Dallas Win, Dallas Loss

ITB: How Will Birds Look Without Goedert?


The Philadelphia Eagles enter their bye week with the NFL’s best record, but still have plenty of chances to improve.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher provided intel on the team’s victory over the Cowboys and offered insight on the team going forward.

Dallas Goedert

The Eagles could be without TE Dallas Goedert for 4-6 weeks due to a broken forearm

Dallas Goedert

Geoff Mosher: “If you talk to a lot of people who have dealt with fractured arms, four [weeks] is on the very generous quick healer side. That four would be if everything goes right and you heal really well.”

Adam Caplan: “From what we have heard, it is four to six weeks. He will definitely be back before the end of the season. They wouldn’t put him on IR yet because it doesn’t count toward missing games. We know Goedert has had a lot of injury issues over his career, it’s not something this staff hasn’t dealt with it before, they dealt with it last year.”

Running Backs

Caplan: “They are not getting a lot of explosive runs compared to the Tampa Bay game where they were great…Their target numbers to running backs were down this game.”

Mosher: “With Jalen Hurts not running, I felt the Eagles had to be a bit spicier, meaning you can’t just line up and run inside zone like you did against Minnesota. This game was a lot of tackle trapping, guards pulling, they definitely had more moving parts and more motion.”

Julio Jones

Caplan: “They have this ability to go more 11 [personnel] now. Julio Jones is healthy and had the red zone touchdown. I am interested to see what he has left. If you have to play him a little bit more, can he give you more?”

Defensive Line

Mosher: “I thought in edge pressure, (Haason) Reddick and (Josh) Sweat were animals. They wore down a bit as the game went on and picked it up in the fourth, but I didn’t see as much interior pressure from the trio of Fletcher Cox, Jordan Davis, and Jalen Carter.”

Sean Desai

Caplan: “I am looking forward to what Sean Desai can do when he gets Bradley Roby back. Those guys are not running well on the backend and that is not the defensive coordinator’s fault. You have what you have.”

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