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Man Down, Mann Up

ITB: Intel on Latest Eagles Moves, NFC East


The Philadelphia Eagles are making several moves to try to remain ahead of a competitive NFC East.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher discussed the team’s latest transactions and reviewed the divisional rivals’ seasons so far. 

Avonte Maddox

Braden Mann

Adam Caplan: “They worked him out a couple of weeks ago. Not only was his workout good in punting, but the snap, the hold, the operation was terrific. He was a really good athlete in high school…when an NFL team signs a punter, if you can’t throw the football, he is not getting signed. He passed all the tests.”

Geoff Mosher: “For the Eagles, the operation has to be good, which is the holding of the punt for Jake Elliot. Say what you want about Siposs, he was the punter instead of Cam Johnston because Elliot was starting to struggle with the operation and his kicking suffered. They can work him out, but until we actually see it in a real game, we will have to evaluate it.”

William Jackson

Caplan: “They worked out a ton of players, William Jackson was by far the best player. In Washington, and I give Ron Rivera credit, he was very public about this: when they went to a mirror match system, he said he couldn’t play for them.”

Avonte Maddox

Mosher: “Someone asked us if Maddox has played his final snap as an Eagle. I think so. He does have a year left, the guaranteed money is gone so that makes it more easy. It’s really unfortunate because he is a really awesome dude and when he is healthy, he is one of the best players at his position at the nickel role.”

Caplan: “We are speculating here, but based on his injury history, it’s hard to bring him back. They have to figure this nickel thing out.”

Washington Commanders

Caplan: “They have offensive line problems. Their defense is getting pressures and a lot of sacks, they are getting turnovers but they give up plays. They are living dangerously with their o-line. The Eagles play them in Week 4, they should feast…You are going to learn so much more about Washington when they host the Bills this week.”

Mosher: “I don’t quite get it with their defense, it historically underperforms. What also strikes me is last year, they beat the Eagles not because they were great, but because the Eagles turned the ball over four times. They run the ball a lot, but 4.2 per-carry is pedestrian.”

Dallas Cowboys

Caplan: “They are one of the best teams in football. The difference between the Eagles and Cowboys is football character, off the field character. Dallas takes so many risks on players, they go for the home run player from a talent standpoint. Dan Quinn is a tremendous defensive coordinator, their d-line is deeper, deepest cornerback room in the NFL. They have looked really good in the first two weeks.”

New York Giants

Caplan: “They have offensive line depth, but the talent is not very good…(Saquon) Barkley is now hurt, they are really not talented at receiver. Their defense has been horrific so far.”

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