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How About Them?

ITB: Cowboys Looking to Take Next Step with New DC


The biggest change for the Dallas Cowboys entering 2024 lies in the coaching staff.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” legendary NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell joined hosts Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher to preview the Philadelphia Eagles’ biggest NFC East rival.

Mike Zimmer

GETTY IMAGES: Mike Zimmer returns to Dallas as their defensive coordinator.

Run Game

Greg Cosell: “Right now they really do not have a running back you can count on. They re-signed Zeke Elliot who is not Zeke Elliot anymore based on what he has put on tape the last couple of years. I don’t know if they view him as a back that is going to carry the ball 220 or 230 times. My sense is he can’t do that a truly high enough level to have that kind of volume.”

Dak Prescott

Cosell: “Their pass game is really well-schemed, well-designed situationally, created some really well-defined reads and throws for Prescott. People can say what they want, but Prescott is a higher-level pocket executer and ball distributor. Last year, he showed more than he showed more than he had in recent years in terms of getting out of the pocket and making out of structure plays.”

CeeDee Lamb

Cosell: “They do a phenomenal job moving him around. Half of his targets come outside, half come in the slot, he goes in motion at times. It is hard defensively to just say ‘let’s stop CeeDee Lamb.’”

Mike Zimmer

Cosell: “The Dallas Cowboys were among the league leaders playing Cover 1. They were a man heavy defense and have corners that prefer to play man…Zimmer is not a pure man guy by any stretch of the imagination. So this defense will look different.”

DaRon Bland

Cosell: “Bland had a ton of interceptions last year but as the year progressed, he got burned a lot. Because of the interceptions, there was a sense that this guy had a phenomenal year. He really didn’t when you watch the tape. Teams went after him in the second half of the season with success.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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