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‘I Like That Dude’

Gunn On One: Mike Quick's Birds Records Are Going Down – And He's OK With It.


Despite the NFL’s gravitation to prioritizing passing offenses, receiving records for the Eagles belonged to former wide receiver Mike Quick for about 40 years – until A.J. Brown came along.

Brown, a Pro Bowl wideout acquired in a 2022 draft weekend trade with the Titans, erupted for 1,496 yards last year in his first seasons with the Eagles – eclipsing Quick’s single-season record of 1,409 in 1983.

“It’s kind of mind-blowing for me, especially given the era that we are in now and you look at the passing game the NFL is now,” Quick told Derrick Gunn in Ep. 6 of “Gunn On One” on the Inside The Birds platform during “Kelly Green” throwback week for the franchise .

“When I came into the league, and in 1983 when I set that record, on first down it was handoff to Wilbert Montgomery left, second down handoff to Wilbert Montgomery right, third down, OK, let’s throw the ball – and by the way, there’s a Hall Of Famer, Harold Carmichael, on the other side.

“So for me to do that, during that time, during that era of football and the way the game was played, I think it’s pretty special. The fact that it lasted as long as it did, yeah, it’s pretty special.”

Mike Quick

ITB PHOTO: Legendary former Eagles wide receiver Mike Quick is a big fan of A.J. Brown, even after Brown broke some of Quick’s team records.

Quick opened up to Gunn about his feelings on Brown breaking more of his receiving records, about how the tandem of Brown and DeVonta Smith measure up to past Eagles receiving duos, and who he believes is the greatest wide receiver in the game’s history.

Quick, a longtime color commentator for Eagles games on radio next to play-by-play partner Merrill Reese, also discussed All Pro wideout Tyreek Hill, who comes to the Linc with the Dolphins on Sunday night to battle the Eagles.

A.J. Brown’s Record

Quick: “I just talked to him last week about this…I said, ‘I have this this record and it lasted almost 40 years, you come in and now it’s gone. And then the week before. you step on another one of my records. It’s like you come to own and now my records are falling like the rain. Whats going on?’

“But, you know what, I like that dude. I like the way that dude plays the game. He’s tough. I think he’s just everything you want in a player. You know it’s been, for me, fun to get to know him, to be around him a little bit, and just see to him grow and operate. Talented guy. A lot of talent there, and I like the young man.”

GOAT Wide Receiver

Quick: “I think [Jerry] Rice was great. Without a doubt he was a great receiver. Is he the greatest? I dont know if he’s the greatest. I think I like Randy Moss’ skill set even more than I like Jerry Rice’s. I think if Randy Moss walks into San Francisco and is in the same system, I think his numbers are even bigger than Jerry’s.

“The one thing I learned in that system in San Francisco is that it was a litlte bit ahead at the time. I played in the Pro Bowl several times with Joe Montana and that staff. In the practices at the Pro Bowl I remember running routes and turn and the ball is like almost floating right to  your hands. You don’t break stride, you just catch it and continue to run. You catch it on the run, that’s a big, big deal. That’s what Rice was afforded. When you have it like that, there’s so much can you do. Yes, he was one of the greatest ever, but if you put me against the wall and make me pick a guy, I probably go Randy Moss.”

– Geoff Mosher (@geoffmoshernfl) is co-host of the “Inside the Birds” podcast and staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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