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‘Reminds Me Of Jerome’

Gunn On One: Seth Joyner Breaks Down Birds D


Eagles rookie defensive tackle Jalen Carter, the ninth overall pick in the draft, has only played 11 career games headed into Sunday’s showdown against the 49ers.

That’s been enough for Eagles Hall of Fame linebacker Seth Joyner, who starred for one of the franchise’s greatest defenses, to compare Carter to one of Joyner’s high-profile teammates.

“He reminds me of Jerome more than anything else,” Joyner""> told Derrick Gunn in his “Gunn On One” interview on Inside The Birds, tossing Carter’s name in with Jerome Brown, who made consecutive All Pro teams from 1990-1991 before his tragic death in car accident in June before the 1992 season.

Brown, also the ninth overall pick like Carter was, had 20 1/2 sacks from 1989-1991, third-most among NFL defensive tackles.

“His quickness, his ability to jump gaps, the violent nature that he plays with, with his hands,” Joyner continued. “I just see him sometimes slapping centers and guards. These guys weigh 315, 330 – and he’s slapping them like the kids. Jerome used to do that.

“Jerome was only 6-2, but his lower body was so powerful that he could get up under you and just lift a guy up and take him for a ride. When I look at Jalen Carter, he possesses a lot of that.”

Jalen Carter

GETTY IMAGES: Eagles rookie DT Jalen Carter is drawing some loft comparisons.

Joyner also said he likes this year’s defensive line more than last year Eagles line that helped the team set a franchise record with 70 sacks, two shy of tying an NFL season record.

The Eagles lost defensive tackle Javon Hargrave, who had 11 sacks last year, in free agency to the 49ers but filled the void with Carter and with the improvement of second-year defensive tackle Jordan Davis, a 2022 first-round pick who played with Carter at Georgia.

Despite being on pace for far fewer sacks in 2023, the Eagles are more well-rounded up front, Joyer told Gunn.

“I like this D-line better,” Joyner said. “It’s hard to replace 11 sacks, the same way the [62] sacks for us [in 1989] was an anomaly. And they came along [in 2022] and broke the record, 70 sacks last year, for them was anomaly. Javon Hargrave to me is a guy who wants to rush the passer; he’s not really a run-stopper.”

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