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ITB Power Rankings: Top-Spot Chiefs Have Least Weaknesses


In our weekly NFL team rankings, we’ll grade them by:

– Roster
– Current Injury Issues
– Coaching
– Performance
– Record

We don’t subscribe to the theory that a team with a lesser record can’t be ranked higher than a team with a better record. It’s about how they look as of now based on the criteria listed above:

Patrick Mahomes

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has K.C. riding high, with wins in five of their past six.

1) Kansas City Chiefs (7-2, previous ranking: #2): Of all 32 NFL teams, the Chiefs have the fewest number of weaknesses, which is why we have them ranked as our top team.

2) Philadelphia Eagles (8-1, previous ranking: #1): The run defensive issues have reached a hot boil and are seemingly not even close to being corrected. It will be interesting to see what happens from here.

3) Minnesota Vikings (8-1, previous ranking: #5): What an incredible win last week in what has to be the most memorable game of the season.

4) Baltimore Ravens (6-3, previous ranking: #6): Very quietly, the Ravens have turned their season around and they are coming out of their bye week with three wins in a row and wins in four out of their last five games.

5) Miami Dolphins (7-3, previous ranking: #8): Their defense still has some issues, but the offense is almost at the unstoppable point.

6) Buffalo Bills (6-3, previous ranking: #3): The defensive injuries are starting to take a major toll on the back end. Still, they’ll bounce back this week against the visiting Browns.

7) Dallas Cowboys (6-3, previous ranking: #4): That was a bad loss last week considering how well they had played in the first half.

8) San Francisco 49ers (5-4, previous ranking: #12): They’ve now won four out of their last six games and are poised to make a big run in the NFC West.

9) Seattle Seahawks (6-4, previous ranking: #7): They simply got outplayed by the Buccaneers last week, but the Seahawks have nothing to be ashamed about, as they’re well ahead of schedule with such a young roster.

10) New York Jets (6-3, Previous ranking: #9): They should come out of their bye week a little healthier, but their schedule still remains as the NFL’s toughest.

11) New England Patriots (5-4, previous ranking: #10): Don’t look now, but the Patriots have won four out of their last five games, but the AFC East hasn’t been this competitive in several decades.

12) Tennessee Titans (6-3, previous ranking: #13): That’s now wins in six out of their last seven games, but their passing game has to give them just a little more if they want to advance in the playoffs. Next season, they’ve got to add a lot more talent at WR.

13) New York Giants (7-2, previous ranking: #14): They’ve somehow won five out of their last six games, a tribute to excellent coaching and execution by the players.

14) Cincinnati Bengals (5-4, previous ranking: #15): They’re coming out of their bye week having won five out of their last seven games. But this team is not close to as good as last year’s AFC Champion.

15) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5, previous ranking: #19): That was their best win of the season and their bye week should help get them even a bit healthier.

16) Washington Commanders (5-5, previous ranking: #17): A great road win against one of the best teams in the NFL in Week 10, but do they have enough offense to win in order to be a playoff team? This is a .500 team on paper and they seem to play like that over a series of weeks.

17) Los Angeles Chargers (5-4, previous ranking: #11): The injuries on both sides of the ball have caught up with them and the Chargers are starting to slide.

18) Indianapolis Colts (4-5-1, previous ranking: #26): Give interim head coach Jeff Saturday credit for having his team ready to go against the lowly Raiders last week. But a much better team will come into town this Sunday.

19) Green Bay Packers (4-6, previous ranking: #21): A great come-from-behind win last week against the Cowboys, but this still is not a playoff team.

20) Arizona Cardinals (4-6, previous ranking: #25): There’s a lot of talent on this team, but they can’t seem to play consistently good football.

21) Atlanta Falcons (4-6, previous ranking: #16): Until veteran QB Marcus Mariota plays at a consistently higher level, they won’t push for a Wild Card spot in the NFC.

22) Cleveland Browns (3-6, previous ranking: #18): They lack good enough talent up the middle on defense to be a competitive team each week.

23) Detroit Lions (3-6, previous ranking: #28): At least they’ve won two games in a row and some of the younger players are starting to show improvement.

24) Carolina Panthers (3-7, previous ranking: #29): They are a good QB away from being a legit playoff team, as their roster is actually well in the upper half.

25) Denver Broncos (3-6, previous ranking: #22): What a disaster their offense is and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

26) Pittsburgh Steelers (3-6, previous ranking: #30): The offensive design still has major issues, but there’s enough talent at the skill positions in order to see improvement going forward.

27) New Orleans Saints (3-7, previous ranking: #20): This team has clearly been one of the NFL’s most disappointing so far this season.

28) Los Angeles Rams (3-6, previous ranking: #23): What a difference a year makes for the defending Super Bowl champs.

29) Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7, previous ranking: #24): It seems like forever when they were 2-1.

30) Chicago Bears (3-7, previous ranking: #27): At least they’re fun to watch due to the recent improved play from QB Justin Fields.

31) Las Vegas Raiders (2-7, previous ranking: #31): They’re really bad and need major help on the back end of their defense next year if they want to be a competitive team.

32) Houston Texans (1-7-1, previous ranking: #32): They are actually a more competitive team than first thought, but they also haven’t won a game since Week 5.

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