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Chiefs Built For Back-To-Back Titles; 3rd In 5 Years


With the NFL Draft and the main part of free agency in the past, and with OTAs starting around the NFL, we bring our annual ITB Offseason Power Rankings.

Note: Rankings based on quality of coaching staff, offensive, defensive schemes, quality of the roster and quality of roster depth.

Chiefs Super Bowl

GETTY IMAGES: On paper, the Chiefs look ready to repeat as Super Bowl champs, win third title in five years.

1. Kansas City Chiefs: While the team had some losses in free agency, it kept several key players, which is a big reason why the Chiefs are our No. 1 team.

2. Philadelphia Eagles: This is clearly the NFC’s best team, but they will have at least five new starters on defense and the Eagles have a very difficult schedule ahead of them.

3. San Francisco 49ers: They clearly have one of the NFL’s best rosters, but can 2nd-year QB Brock Purdy keep the starting job in his first full season as signal caller? That is the one obvious big issue.

4. Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals have one of the AFC’s best rosters and even their much-maligned offensive line looks to be in decent shape. However, the big issues are in their secondary at safety and cornerback.

5. Buffalo Bills: Their pass rush remains the biggest issue for this team, but they will still be good enough to win the AFC East over the Jets, who have improved their roster.

6. Dallas Cowboys: They addressed some key issues at wide receiver and cornerback, but veteran QB Dak Prescott really struggled with turnovers last season. Will the change in play caller help him get back on track?

7. Miami Dolphins: They have one of the AFC’s best rosters, but the Dolphins still have issues on their offensive line, and the ongoing challenge of keeping their quarterback healthy remains as a big question for this season.

8. Baltimore Ravens: They’ve reloaded the wide receiver position, which was a major weakness last season. And new OC Todd Monken will take advantage of this upgraded pass target group.

9. Detroit Lions: This is my breakout team for the 2023 season. Not only will they win the NFC North for the first time since 1993, they will win at least one playoff game.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars: What a big surprise they were last season, and the Jaguars will easily in the AFC South this season. But they have some real question marks on defense at cornerback, which is why they may not make a serious run in the playoffs.

11. New York Jets: There’s no question that the addition of veteran QB Aaron Rodgers will help propel this team to the playoffs for the first time since 2010. However, expecting Rodgers to stay healthy for the entire season at 39 is a lot to expect.

12. New York Giants: They have one of the NFL’s most daunting schedules, but the Giants will still make the playoffs in the weak NFC. It helps to have a good roster and really good coaching.

13. Seattle Seahawks: They addressed a lot of their issues on defense, but the 49ers are still in another class in the NFC over them.

14. Cleveland Browns: Their front office has done a nice job this year of adding badly needed help at wide receiver, which is why they’ll make a push for a Wild Card spot in the AFC.

15. Los Angeles Chargers: Let’s face it; the defense has been a disappointment under head coach Brandon Staley. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reasons, but if they don’t make the playoffs, that side of the ball would probably be a big reason why.

16. Denver Broncos: If new head coach Sean Payton can get veteran QB Russell Wilson to play at least slightly above average, this team will compete for a Wild Card spot in the AFC, as their defense should be very solid.

17. New Orleans Saints: They have the best chance to win the NFC South, but can veteran QB Derek Carr rebound from a very disappointing season? If he does, they could be a big surprise team in the NFC.

18. Minnesota Vikings: This team had major issues in their secondary last season and there are still some issues on the back end of the defense that likely won’t be going away for a while.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers: They still have major questions when it comes to offensive scheme, but the talent around 2nd-year QB Kenny Pickett is very good. And there are still some issues on defense in the secondary.

20. New England Patriots: Getting a competent offensive coordinator in Bill O’Brien will certainly help 3rd-year QB Mac Jones get back on track, but questions still remain at the wide receiver position and questions remain on defense in the secondary.

21. Washington Commanders: What will keep this team from being one of the seven playoff teams from the NFC is its offensive line and questions at the quarterback position.

22. Carolina Panthers: Well, they’ve finally gotten their franchise quarterback, but can they score enough points to win each week? Their defense certainly will be good enough to keep them in most games.

23. Atlanta Falcons: While the roster is clearly better with some off-season additions (free agency, draft), there are still some major issues remaining on defense (pass rush, depth and talent at some positions). And the quarterback position remains as the biggest question mark on the team.

24. Green Bay Packers: New starting QB Jordan Love will prove over time to be a wise investment for the front office, but the team has an inexperienced pass target group, so patience is key here.

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It’s hard to see this as a playoff team with the quarterback position being a major question mark.

26. Las Vegas Raiders: The offense – if veteran QB Jimmy Garoppolo can stay healthy – should be decent, but the issues still are on defense, particularly in the back end.

27. Tennessee Titans: While the Titans aren’t in a rebuild per se, they have several issues still on their roster (OL, WR, pass rush), which is a big reason why they won’t make the playoffs.

28. Chicago Bears: There are plenty of pieces on offense, but how much 3rd-year QB Justin Fields progresses this season will go a long way in determining if Chicago can push the .500 mark this season.

29. Indianapolis Colts: This team could push to go over .500 if rookie QB Anthony Richardson winds up playing much better than expected, but the reality is the coaching staff will need to be patient with him considering he only started one season in college.

30. Los Angeles Rams: This team looks to be a shell of what it once was during its playoff run from just a few years ago.

31. Houston Texans: Well, at least their rebuild is in full force with what appears to be a solid draft on paper.

32. Arizona Cardinals: This team is an absolute mess—and the odds makers have the Cardinals with the lowest over/under win total at just 4.5.

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