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Purdy Good

ITB: Eagles Face Tough Task in Title Game Rematch


The 10-1 Philadelphia Eagles will be tested on Sunday against a well-rested San Francisco 49ers team, currently the number two seed in the NFC.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher previewed the Week 13 matchup and gave their final score predictions.

Brock Purdy

49ers QB Brock Purdy has a 13-3 record in his first 16 starts

49ers Secondary

Adam Caplan: “When the Niners had a three-game losing streak, it was because the pass defense struggled.  They gave up big plays. Now they are doing much better, I would come out throwing the football and spread them out. They are not deep at corner.”

49ers Defensive Front

Caplan: “They run the Wide 9 and play it really well and disciplined against the run. Every once in a while, you see Javon Hargrave is the reason they have some leakage, but overall, they are a pretty good run defense.” 

Geoff Mosher: “They will play some loaded fronts where they will shift three defensive linemen to one side, then walk Fred Warner down to the side with only one to create a five-man front and then do a ton of twisting and stunting there. Like the Eagles, they don’t blitz a lot, but they play a lot of line games.”

Brock Purdy

Mosher: “He completes passes, is accurate, does read through his progressions really well. It’s time to stop saying he is the product of the system, his winning record is unbelievable.”

Caplan: “He is a perfect fit for the west coast offense. He throws with anticipation, timing, and rhythm. The knock on him from a scouting perspective from several people I spoke with was that he would try to make throws at Iowa State that he couldn’t make, so he got benched multiple times.”

Christian McCaffrey

Mosher: “They do run a lot of outside zone, but they don’t only run to the outside. There are times where McCaffrey can cut it up the middle.”

 Caplan: “The Eagles haven’t faced a dynamic running back out of the backfield. This guy is one of the best in NFL history. The Niners know that the Eagles are beat up at ILB. If McCaffrey doesn’t have at least eight targets, I would be shocked. This is a game where they can throw screens at them.”

Final Score Predictions

Caplan: “I have it Eagles 24, 49ers 27. The Niners and Purdy are pretty good.”

Mosher: “All week long I had thought the 49ers were going to win this game, but there is just something about this Eagles team that I have been unsuccessful in picking against them. I think the Eagles are going to win this game 27-24.”

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