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‘Same Mistakes’

Q&A: Eagles Struggling on Both Sides of Ball


It was another difficult week for the Philadelphia Eagles on both sides of the ball.

On the latest episode of “Q&A” on “Inside The Birds,” Jason Avant and Quintin Mikell diagnosed the biggest issues plaguing the Eagles during their two-game losing streak.

Kevin Byard

The Philadelphia Eagles’ defense has struggled in both coverage and tackling in recent weeks

Run Defense

Quintin Mikell: “A lot of it has to do with tackling, we have had some injuries in the linebacking core. The front is good, when they are in the 50 front, they are really stout against the run, but in this last game they came out in a 40 front. I get what Sean Desai was trying to do, what that tells me is he understands how teams are trying to attack them and putting players in the right position for the most part, but they are not making plays when they are supposed to.”


Jason Avant: “I don’t mind getting beat, but at least get beat doing the right stuff. Make the quarterback make a throw, but don’t give up a walk-in touchdown because you are undisciplined.”

Mikell: “We see the same mistakes every week, the same coverages, the offenses are attacking the same way…I know there are some injuries and some guys moving in and out of the lineup but that is your job as a coach to get those guys right.”

A.J. Brown

Avant: “I respect the way A.J. Brown approached this game…Brown decided that he was going to be the tempo and enforcer for the offense so you saw him from the first play blocking hard, getting in (Stephon) Gilmore’s face.”


Avant: “They were just ripped out of their hands. Those weren’t guys timing up a punch from nowhere and it was a blind hit, those were in your possession and they snatched it out of there because you’re not mindful and understanding the team you’re playing against…at some point, this team lost its confidence in the things that we cherish, which is ball security, penalties, getting off the field in third down, we are just not detailed enough to win these ball games.”

Run Game

Mikell: “The biggest issue is Brian Johnson is not committed to running the ball. He runs just enough to keep everybody happy and try to keep defenses honest just so he can throw the ball…until this offense commits to running the football, we are not going to have any big plays. We are seeing Jalen (Hurts) starting to struggle, not putting up as many points as we did in the beginning of the year and that is all direct correlation between us getting away from running the ball. What this offensive line does best is run blocking.”

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