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Adjust and Advance

Q&A: Eagles Defense Able to Exploit Chiefs Weakness


Despite ups and downs, the 9-1 Philadelphia Eagles continue to find ways to win.

On the latest episode of “Q&A” on “Inside The Birds,” former Eagles standouts Jason Avant and Quintin Mikell highlighted the factors that determined the Week 11 win against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bradley Roby

The Philadelphia Eagles defense came alive in the second half to shut down the Kansas City Chiefs

Sean Desai

Quintin Mikell: “Sean Desai is phenomenal at making halftime adjustments. The only adjustment I feel they really made, my guess is they were all challenged at halftime. When you look at the first half, a lot of the same schemes were still there, but it looked like they were more aggressive.”

Jason Avant: “I agree with that to some extent. They played more aggressive because they realized the Chiefs couldn’t execute the offense to their optimal ability because of the rain…Whenever you can get Patrick Mahomes throwing the ball 43 times in the rain, that is a good situation. What Desai decided to on the first and second down was go five defensive linemen and then they started playing more single high safety and put the secondary in more aggressive positions. They realized the Chiefs receivers were struggling catching the ball.” 

Bradley Roby

Mikell: “Bradley had a phenomenal game. We talked about him punching the ball out, that was a critical play, but the biggest effect he had on the game was his poise and experience. He is recognizing formations and bunch sets which all of these teams try to attack us with. Anytime there was a bunch to his side, he is lining corners and safeties up. His presence is something that was missed.”

Avant: “He is a calming presence and sees the game the right way. He made a play at the beginning of the game on the first third down where they called a screen and he diagnosed it quickly. That is just a veteran play.”

Jalen Hurts

Mikell: “The Chiefs had a good gameplan to confuse Jalen, make him think he is seeing one thing and then making him read everything post snap. That is why he looked a little bit confused at times and unsure of what he is seeing.”

Offensive Line

Avant: “The o-line got whooped. They did get better in the second half, but I don’t think they created a comfortable environment for Hurts at all because he was moving around. The run game was successful, but the Chiefs defensive line is second in the league in sacks.”

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