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ITB: Eagles That Need to Step Up in 2024


The Philadelphia Eagles will be looking at many players on both sides of the ball to step up and contribute in the upcoming season.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher previewed players that will have a spotlight on them entering the 2024 training camp. 

Jordan Davis

GETTY IMAGES: Third-year DT Jordan Davis will need to have a breakout season in 2024.

Cam Jurgens

Geoff Mosher: “How do you replace a guy like Jason Kelce? Cam Jurgens could play 15 to 20% better at center than he did last year at right guard, which was pretty decent, and that still might not make up the gap between what Kelce brought to the offense compared to what Jurgens brought to the offense. It is not just about blocking the guy in front of you, it is about blitzes, flipping plays, understanding how defenses are aligning. There is so much subtlety and nuance to playing center that Jason Kelce had nailed down in a hall of fame career that you can’t possibly expect Jurgens to know in a finger snap.”

Adam Caplan: “Can he direct traffic? Not only is it scoping pre-snap, but helping (Jalen) Hurts get the team out of bad plays. That is absolutely major that you only get with experience. There are going to be some tough snaps for him, that is coming. But overall, handle it mentally when it doesn’t go well, just play well enough where they don’t worry about him.”

Tyler Steen

Mosher: “They want him to win the right guard job. Unlike Cam Jurgens, who at least has tape from last year that was good enough, there was only one start for Steen and it was rocky. He really needs to be developed.”

Caplan: “It is a little bit of a stretch, but with these three days starting tomorrow, if the mandatory camp is not good and they alarmed by it, you might see them sign a veteran. But what he have heard is Steen is so far so good.”

[UPDATE: On Monday, the Eagles signed veteran OG Max Scharping.]

Jordan Davis

Caplan: “There is nowhere else to go. With their depth, they don’t have anyone else on the backup group.”

Mosher: “Just talking to people, there is a big difference between being thinner and being in conditioned. Weight loss is great, but just because you are at your weight does not mean you are in great conditioning and stamina to be able to play more snaps. This kid has never played a lot of snaps in every game going back to college. He has got to show he can last longer in games.”

Josh Sweat

Mosher: “The microscope might be shining the brightest on this guy for his job security. He took a paycut to stay, is coming off a really bad last seven weeks of the season. The big question is can he get back to being what he was going into ’23, where we both identified him as our favorite overall guy on the defense.”

Caplan: “One of the teams we spoke to who played the Eagles thought he was dragging his leg a little bit, he didn’t quite look the same. We don’t know what the issue was. Bottom line is this is a huge season for him.”

C.J. Gardner-Johnson

Mosher: “The type of contract that he signed, if he stays healthy you can see him get a year two and three. If he does not play well or doesn’t stay healthy, then the contract could be a one-year deal.”

Caplan: “It really is a one-year deal for $10 million. The guarantee in year two is only his base salary which is the minimum. This guy is so unique, he does stuff you can’t teach, his nose for the football is incredible.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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