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Value Findings

ITB: "Value" Free Agency; NFL Combine "Risers"


Much of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2024 season could be determined by value found in free agency and the draft.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Geoff Mosher was joined by Andrew DiCecco to identify value free agents as well as potential risers from the NFL combine.   

Jordan Fuller

GETTY IMAGES: Rams safety Jordan Fuller enters the free agent market has a potential value signing.

Jordan Fuller

Andrew DiCecco: “Safety from the Rams. In his second season, he wore the green dot. I think that speaks to his IQ, his command and understanding of the defense. He is a descending player, going to be 26 when free agency starts. That looks just like the kind of player the Eagles would target.”

Geoff Mosher: “He played at Ohio State. I remember being at the combine four years ago and I was at his podium. He came off like a very intelligent player and would probably be one of these day three guys that had the advantage to make the team over a day three guy from a smaller school.”

Blake Cashman

DiCecco: “Super athletic, was with the Jets and got banged up and never really lived up to expectations. [He] went to the Texans and did some good things there. Athletically, he matches up with what the Eagles look for and the price point is exactly what they are looking for I would imagine. That would be a name to keep an eye on there.”

Mosher: “Last year was clearly his breakout year with 106 tackles playing in a pretty good, aggressive defense. This is what the Eagles look for, the guy coming off a good year. He is 6’1, 237 so he is a little bigger than what they typically look like.”

Tyler Huntley

DiCecco: “He has played in 20 games and made nine starts, 26-year-old, has a lot of experience. You are going to look for experience and look for someone who is not going to break the bank like Marcus Mariota did because they are not going to be able to pony up that kind of money this year. I think Huntley would be somebody to target.”

Jaylen Wright

DiCecco: “Tennessee running back. He was explosive this year and is a really dynamic player. When you look at these running backs [in the NFL draft], they are all sort of grouped together. But when I look at Wright, he has a chance to elevate his stock depending on how he does in his position drills.”

T’Vondre Sweat

DiCecco: “The defensive lineman from Texas did not weigh in at the Senior Bowl. That is one thing you want to keep an eye on in the combine: does he look like he is in shape, does he move well, is he able to prove he is more than an early down lineman?”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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