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Right Fits?

ITB: Intel on Pickett, New LBs


Acquisitions continue for the Philadelphia Eagles in their aggressive free agency period.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher gave intel on the team’s newest additions.

Devin White

GETTY IMAGES: Will new Eagles LB Devin White fit the defense?

Kenny Pickett

Geoff Mosher: “If you take away the draft picks, the price you paid for a first-round quarterback who gets a new environment on the last two years of this deal would be far less than what you might have paid Marcus Mariota.”

Adam Caplan: “Here is the book from our sources: had a terrific offseason last year. Talking to people there, they were really excited. But then the regular season started and here we go again. He struggled mightily to say the least and they knew he couldn’t be the starter going forward…As far as the Eagles are concerned, it is a cost-controlled quarterback they are going to have for two seasons.”

Josh Sweat                                                                              

Caplan: “Sweat was owed $16 million in cash and they cut it down significantly to $10 million. They cut his cash but fully guaranteed the $10 million. That alleviates him being cut and gives him the piece of mind that they are not going to hold this over him.”

Mosher: “You have to feel that the reason he comes back and takes less money is because there is not going to be a payday out there for him. Teams saw the same tape of what the player looked like over the last two months of the season.”

Devin White

Mosher: “A personnel source who has seen a lot of White described him as an ‘undisciplined player who is constantly out of position and blowing his assignment. When he is on, he can be a great player, but really struggles to just play assignment football.’ He played much better earlier in his career but then he regressed.”

Oren Burks

Mosher: “He is a guy who weighs 230, 6’3. Played for a tenacious defense in San Francisco, had some opportunities where he had to step in and play for the 49ers and has generally held the fort down.” 

Caplan: “It is a depth signing. He can play special teams. He projects to be a backup, guy has been around a long time with the Packers and 49ers.”

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