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Running Resurgence

ITB Postgame Live: Dominant Run Game Returns; Passing Game Not There Yet


The Philadelphia Eagles rediscovered their run game on the way to a 34-28 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

On the latest “Inside The Birds Postgame Live,” former Eagles tight end Clay Harbor joined Geoff Mosher to break down the Week 2 Thursday night matchup.

D'Andre Swift

D’Andre Swift’s career night led the Philadelphia Eagles to a 34-28 victory.

D’Andre Swift

Geoff Mosher: “When D’Andre Swift has the ball, he looks explosive. He is their most explosive running back at the moment…Swift, who had his career-high in yards and second most carries in his career, proved that he can stay healthy for the whole game and was very productive. He gave you more juice and wiggle than what the Eagles have seen from Kenneth Gainwell. I saw Swift get skinny through some holes.”

Clay Harbor: “To me, it seems like he is at a different quickness level, he’s more explosive, has better vision, can hit the hole at the right time. He has a little bit of a guy I played with in Philadelphia for a few years, he has a little bit of LeSean McCoy in him, the vision, the ability to hit the hole and go.”

Jalen Hurts

Mosher: “When you make it to the Super Bowl, your opponents spend a lot more time trying to figure out how to make you not go back…I don’t know if I have watched an NFL game with as many three man rushes as I did tonight with the Vikings. I don’t know if that confused Hurts or made things strange for him, but it is certainly part of the two-week process that he is not comfortable.”

Harbor: “Obviously the interception was tough and he forced a couple of things. He had a couple of tough plays there with the pass interference that wasn’t called. For a guy that went 18-23, a solid game with a touchdown and an interception, he just didn’t look like himself. Knowing him, he will continue to improve, but Tampa has a good defense too. It is not going to get any easier.”

Josh Sweat

Clay Harbor: “He has been doing it for a while…Josh Sweat is a player who consistently flies under the radar somehow and keeps getting plays done. Just watching his pass rush moves, he is the real deal and is going to get double digit sacks. He plays with a motor.”


Harbor: “Overall, I don’t think these guys played bad. I was satisfied in what we were able to see in guys that you are not going to be relying on to be starters for the whole season. It is good to see you can step in with these guys and there is not going to be a huge drop-off.”

Mosher: “Considering all of the injuries that happened in the game, (Avonte) Maddox went out, Mario Goodrich had to come in, he has never played in an NFL game. Josh Jobe had a couple of nice plays.”

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