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‘Depends On Cost’

ITB: Who Are Eagles Looking At In Free Agency?


The Philadelphia Eagles are set to begin a busy free agency period as they look to retool their roster.

Saquon Barkley

GETTY IMAGES: Could Giants RB Saquon Barkley sign with the Eagles?

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher discussed recent developments surrounding the team and gave names on the free agent market that the Eagles have interest in.

Fletcher Cox

Geoff Mosher: “Those close to Fletch felt that he had made his decision, it was just a matter of announcing it.”

Brandon Graham

Mosher: “He is a leader, is good against the run, can play multiple positions. I think it was essential to bring him back now with Cox gone to have that leadership on that defensive line.”

Adam Caplan: “He turns 36 in April, a team record 15 straight years. They need his leadership.”

Josh Sweat

Caplan: “Final year of his deal, there has been no thought of extending his contract. He is still a young guy. Other teams have told us he is very available. I don’t know what their asking price is.”

Mosher: “If other teams saw what the Eagles saw, they saw a guy who really struggled in the second half of the season…I wonder what you might actually get for Sweat unless teams are convinced that was a function of a scheme.”

Bryce Huff

Caplan: “This is a guy they are going to look at. They are looking for length. I know he has only started seven games, has been a subpackage rusher, but he should command at least $15 million on the open market.”

Mosher: “Huff is coming off one good year with 10 sacks. He was a situational pass rusher the first three years. You just wonder about giving big money to a guy who has only had one outstanding year in the NFL.”

Geno Stone

Caplan: “We heard the Eagles have some interest in him.”

Mosher: “The one thing just asking independently about Stone is because he came out of nowhere, it’s hard to tell whether he was the product of a great scheme and personnel around him or is he just an ascending player who slipped through the draft?”

Easton Stick

Caplan: “The target outside the team from what we understand is Easton Stick. He played for Kellen Moore, did a nice job when he was pressed into service last season when Justin Herbert got hurt. He can run, is a pretty athletic quarterback.”

Saquon Barkley

Mosher: “The Eagles have liked Barkley…with the Eagles and running backs, it’s always about whether or not they can get a bargain. Barkley wants a multi-year deal, just talking to people at the combine, I did not talk to a lot of people who thought there was going to be a great two-or-three-year deal in the running back market. I can only see this happening if Saquon’s market isn’t good and it’s a one-year prove-it low base salary deal.”

Caplan: “He is coming off a disappointing year. He didn’t play well. We heard there is interest, but it depends on the cost.”

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