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‘Ways to Go’

ITB: What Went Wrong in Latest Loss


There is much to clean up for the Philadelphia Eagles following their second consecutive blowout defeat, but it may not be time to give up on them yet.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher provided more intel from the Eagles’ 33-13 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. 

Jalen Hurts

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts had a solid showing despite the 33-13 loss to the Dallas Cowboys

Jalen Hurts

Geoff Mosher: “I thought he played pretty well. He completed close to 70% of his passes and that includes the fact that four or five of those passes that were really nicely thrown were dropped. I didn’t see the same amount of bailing out of the pocket immediately.”

Adam Caplan: “Hurts made some good throws. You saw the designed runs, a couple of draws, so that was good to see. We have seen this throughout the season occasionally where it looks like he has daylight but he just goes down. It’s almost like they have conditioned him to not take contact.”

Brian Johnson

Mosher: “There is a difference between playcalling and play design. The playcalling has been questionable at times this year, but that is impacted by the flow of the game. If you’re turning the ball over and down 14-3, it’s hard to be committed to the run. I think play design comes up a lot because the Eagles are very married to their 2×2, 3×1 sets. They have good enough personnel where they can win.”

Eagles D-Line

Mosher: “When you watch the tape, there is such a difference between watching Dallas’ front four try to get after Jalen Hurts and the Eagles’ front four trying to get after Dak Prescott. Dallas looks ferocious, the Eagles look pretty good but not ferocious.”

Eagles Defense

Caplan: “It was way better than the Niners game. The offense put them in a tough spot with turnovers, but Dak didn’t rip them apart. They were a little better this game, but they have ways to go.”

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