March 6, 2023   4 MIN READ

‘It’s A Loss’

ITB: DBs Coach's Departure Spawns Risky Changes


The NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles face major changes this offseason, with more coaching departures and several key free agent starters set to hit the open market.

On the latest “Inside The Birds” podcast, Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher reported on the latest coaching staff news and expected offers for the team’s top free agents.

James Bradberry

With an expected market in free agency, James Bradberry could find himself priced out of the Eagles range

Dennard Wilson

Adam Caplan: “Here’s why it’s not good: He is one of their best assistant coaches, he did a great job of managing personalities in that room. One of the reasons why C.J. Gardner-Johnson was able to have the season that he had was this guy was able to coach him. Gardner-Johnson’s not the easiest guy to deal with…he handled (Darius) Slay, alpha personality, really well.”

Geoff Mosher: “When you see the success, it’s tough to lose that and you’re going to have to overcome it. It’s not insurmountable, but it is a loss.”

Matt Patricia

Caplan: “It’s not exactly a secret that Slay couldn’t stand Patricia. A Lions source back then said it got so bad it actually effected his play. If this does happen with Patricia [hired by the Eagles], he wouldn’t be coaching Slay, but I wonder if Nick Sirianni talked to him about this…what we were told is the linebacker coach would act as a senior member of the staff. They don’t want to go with a young guy. It sounds like Patricia is the one that’s probably going to happen..”

Miles Sanders

Caplan: “What we heard at the Combine is the Eagles have interesting in re-signing him, but at their price. Hearing from a couple of teams, don’t discount him coming back. If they can get him at a James Conner contract at $6 or 7 million a year, how could you not bring him back?”

Mosher: “My sources are wondering how you justify paying James Conner money to a guy you’re slowly phasing out. All of their language, actions, playing 57% of the snaps, he’s a few percentage points away from somebody being as influential as him in the backfield.”

James Bradberry

Mosher: “The feedback we got with Bradberry is they want to be informed; they want to know what the best deal is. It sounds that the Eagles would like to keep Bradberry, but that’s obvious. The question is: What the market will be?”

Javon Hargrave

Mosher: “I had an interesting conversation with one executive. This was just his opinion. He felt that Hargrave was at a $13-15 million a year kind of contract, which is a little under what I thought. If it’s 13-14, that’s doable for the Eagles because that means the market didn’t blow up.”

Caplan: “I’d be shocked if it’s less than 15. I know he’s 30 now, but he’s a free agent pass rusher defensive tackle, those guys are hard to find. He just has some times where he doesn’t show up, for whatever reason.”

T.J. Edwards

Mosher: “There’s a market for him, three to four teams not named the Eagles. The one thing we learned is T.J. Edwards likes being an Eagle and would prefer it, the question is what the other offers are compared to the Eagles offer.”

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