October 1, 2021   3 MIN READ

Inside The Birds: Eagles Vs. Chiefs Preview

Time For Schematic Changes


The Eagles face on Sunday welcome the two-time defending AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs to the Linc, with both teams trying to climb back to .500 after consecutive losses.

On the latest Inside The Birds, Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan break down expectations for the game and delivery injury news as well as their predictions.

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Stagnant Offense

Geoff Mosher: “The Eagles cannot be offensively dormant again against this Chiefs team at home. The Niners were a tough, powerful team, it was unfortunate. Dallas they were just behind from the start and just completely out of whack, but you can’t have excuses. You’ve got to be able to move the ball at home against the Chiefs. Or else they’re really gonna have some issues if we’re talking about another game where you’re scoring 20 or fewer points. Then we got problems.”

Adam Caplan: “The Chiefs will give you room, they have a bad run defense [but] their secondary is talented.”

Nick Sirianni

Caplan: “Against zone [the Chiefs] give up a 66-percent completion rate, when they play man about 70 percent. That means they’re not covering well this season. Man, Sirianni, run the ball. I don’t like saying it because I’m not a run guy but, man, it’s so obvious and Miles Sanders is so gifted. The fourth series in the [Dallas] game was his first carry. That can’t happen.”

Jonathan Gannon

Caplan: “Gannon is gonna have to readjust his scheme a little bit. I get they’re only going to play zone. I understand that, you’re not going to go to all man, that that won’t happen. But you better have a better plan because if Dak [Prescott] had to throw 35 times last week he might’ve had 450 yards. That’s how bad their zone was.”

Mosher: “Let’s face it, even if they played way more man, that’s not exactly a great matchup for them [against Kansas City]. They’ve got nobody that’s going to cover Tyreek Hill and even Mecole Hardman in that … I think Mecole Hartman’s a better player that you want to keep in front of you in zone because for whatever reason he seems to be a splash player — he catches deep balls but not … he’s not a guy that’s catching seven or eight passes a game in the middle or a YAC type guy.”

Javon Hargrave

Caplan: “Javon Hargrave is an absolute superstar. This guy, when we started the season I said he’s gonna be my breakout player of the year and I was just basing that solely on what I saw. I ran it by some people and they said, Yeah, he’s had a great camp, let’s see if he can do it in the regular season.’ His energy has been the reason why. He doesn’t stop. He’s relentless.”

– Justin Morganstein (@jmotweets_) is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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