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ITB: New Coordinators Ready For Roles


The Philadelphia Eagles have made their coordinator hires official, with a promotion on offense and an outside hire on defense.

On the latest “Inside The Birds” podcast, Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher provided intel on the new hires and promotions.

Sean Desai

New Eagles DC Sean Desai brings experience from the Vic Fangio defensive scheme as well as others

Sean Desai

Adam Caplan: “This is a guy they knew about because of his connection to Vic Fangio…We’re told he got a three-year deal. This is a good hire. Yes, we’re expecting, based on what we were told, to be more of a Fangio defense, but he’s going to have a spin on it. There might be some hybrid stuff thrown in there because of everyone he has known. I talked to an NFL general manager this weekend who knows him personally and he said he’s one of the smartest young coaches that he’s ever known.”

Geoff Mosher: “A couple of people I have talked to about the situation said they have to make sure the pieces are in place for what he wants to do. It’s going to be very difficult for the Eagles to have as talented of a defense as they had last year because of the departures…Some of the video I have seen of the Bears defense under Desai, it looks like he’s a little bit more creative with multiple-front defenses and overloads.”

Marcus Brady

Caplan: “He was helping out on defense [last season]. Now he’s a senior offensive assistant. It makes sense with Johnson moving up and then losing Shane Steichen for this to happen. He was a long-time quarterbacks guy with the Colts, he’s a pretty sharp guy.”

Brian Johnson

Caplan: “This guy is a pretty good coach. A lot of people knew about him, apparently he’s one of those up-and-coming risers. The Eagles must have known this, because promoting him was done really quickly behind the scenes when they could.”

Alex Tanney

Mosher: “I already spoke to a couple of people around the league, he has a very good reputation. Shane Steichen raved about him, said he was very good at making things clear and concise. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a year or two we’re talking about him as a coordinator.”

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