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Kelly Green Tease?

Birds Social Media Team Hints At Throwback Uniform Reveal


The Eagles quite possibly informed the public of when they’re expected to unveil their Kelly Green jerseys for the 2023 season.

On their Twitter account Thursday – a quasi-day off from training camp, with only a walkthrough scheduled – the Eagles posted a video featuring what appears to be an unknown person wearing a Kelly Green jersey adorned with the old team logo patch on the shoulder as sound from an old radio broadcast played in the background.

Kelly Green

GETTY IMAGES: The Kelly Green jerseys are a reminder for Eagles fans of the Buddy Ryan and Randall Cunningham eras.

You can hear longtime play-by-play voice Merrill Reese’s real-time call of a vintage Randall – Cunningham, we presume – scramble-and-pass that ended in a touchdown.

“And the Eagles take the lead!” Reese bellows.

As the video fades to black, the date “July 31” appears on the screen – which is likely the date for the team’s uniform reveal. The tweet also comes with the hashtag, “#KellyGreenIsBack.”

You can watch it here:

Fans have clamored to see the Eagles in Kelly Green – which they haven’t worn in more than 25 years – since 2021, when the NFL scrapped a nonsense rule from 2013 prohibiting its teams to have multiple helmet designs.

In March, team owner Jeffrey Lurie said was excited for the return of the Kelly Green – which the Eagles haven’t worn since 1996 – but didn’t give any details on the return date.

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