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“Gotta Earn That 15 Million”

ITB: Reddick Most Vital Offseason Addition For Birds


The Philadelphia Eagles will be counting on many faces – both new and familiar – to have success in the 2022 season.

On the latest edition of the Inside the Birds podcast, Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher discuss some players and coaches looking to make a big impact on the team.

Haason Reddick

Haason Reddick is arguably the Eagles’ most important addition this offseason.

Beau Allen/Milton Williams

Geoff Mosher: “They’re different players because Milton is a little more versatile, he can play the end and inside. But from a snap and role perspective, I think Williams has an opportunity to be like Beau Allen as that third defensive tackle to probably play 43 percent of the time, maybe a little bit more if he plays some end in some 3-4 looks.”

Adam Caplan: “This is what I miss about 2017. [The defensive line] had such a great rotation. But the upside of this front is really good.”

Shane Steichen

Mosher: “We know he is the play caller now. It is going to be his job to put together a passing offense that can be much better than last year. It’s really going to be up to him to be able to create on a weekly basis a game plan and make the calls within the game that get his quarterback in a good rhythm…He’s got this dual responsibility of being able to know his quarterback and how to get him warmed up, and then he’s got to know how to make this pass offense counter what the defense is going to try to do to them on a weekly basis.”

Caplan: “If you look at 2017, the Eagles were so matchup driven in that season. That’s coaching. This is where Steichen has to make his money. He has to understand how to use A.J. Brown correctly. Go over the tape and find out what routes he likes. Where Doug Pederson started to fail was how to use his personnel.”

Haason Reddick

Caplan: “Reddick was signed for one reason: to rush the passer. He’s got to have an unbelievable amount of pressures and sacks. He’s got to earn that $15 million a year contract. We know he plays with a motor. They haven’t had anyone like this guy. He’s got to be given a chance to rush. If he is and his impact is what they think it’s going to be, this defense is going to be really interesting.”

Mosher: “If you ask me about any single player on defense that has to be what they are supposed to be for this defense to be good, I would say Haason Reddick. Use that explosive speed off the edge, intimidate the quarterback, and hopefully some of your sacks will lead to turnovers. Somebody has to be more of a turnover producer on this team.”

Nakobe Dean

Caplan: “I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I believe Nakobe Dean is going to have a major season. Based on what we knew about him before the draft, he can blitz, he’s physical, he’s smart, he’s tough. He’s a coach’s dream. This guy is so talented.”

Miles Sanders

Caplan: “I have been a major supporter of Sanders, but the guy has been an underachiever based on their expectations of him. He looked really good in year one, but he can’t sustain it…When he was a factor in the pass game, he’s got some special ability, but he’s had three years. He didn’t score a touchdown last season. [Kenny] Gainwell got those goal line carries. The coaches clearly didn’t trust him” 

Mosher: “If Miles Sanders fumbles against the Lions in the fourth quarter of a close game and the Eagles win, they’re not going to sit around and coddle Miles. They’re going to give the ball to Gainwell the next time. Normally with a young player you’re nurturing and you give second chances. When you’re a four-year veteran and you already got guys looking over your shoulder, you don’t feel that kind of love and nurturing from the coaching staff, especially when it’s not the coaching staff that picked you. It’ll be fascinating to see what they do with this running game.”

Caplan: “He is capable of finishing in the top five or seven in rushing yards this year, that’s how gifted he is. But just stay on the field. The Eagles know what they have in him.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com

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