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Final Showcase

Day 3 Senior Bowl Standouts


Day 3 of the Senior Bowl ended Thursday with the final practice of the National and America Teams at Hancock Whitney Stadium in Mobile, Ala.

All players are off Friday before Saturday’s noon kickoff on the campus of the University of South Alabama. Some players who participated in the first two practices opted out of Thursday’s practice and might not participate in the game.

Here are some observations from the final day of practice:

National Team

Adisa Isaac (DE, PSU):  Isaac dominated on Day 3. He was able to generate pressure during the team period and looked very fluid as a pass rusher. His athleticism is undeniable.  

Javon Baker (WR, UCF):  Baker had one of his better days. He made an amazing grab in the one-on-one’s on day 3. Baker took advantage of Roman Wilson’s absence and was one of the National Team’s better receivers.

Tory Taylor (P, Iowa):  Taylor looked great during the punting session. Taylor seems to possess a decent amount of control on his kicks as most of his punts landed close to the goal line. 

ITB PHOTO: Louisville WR Jamari Thrash put on a pass-catching clinic during Senior Bowl practices

American Team

Tykee Smith (S, Georgia): Smith had an up and down day 3. He got an interception during the team period. However, he got caught flat footed in 1-on-1’s. 

Kamren Kinchens (S, Miami): Kinchens looked great in the individual drills. He looks the part of an NFL safety: He has the size and moves well. He played well most of day 3. Florida State Tight End Jaheim Bell and Kinchens have battled all week. Kinchens got the better of Bell on day 2, but Bell beat Kinchens on day 3. 

Elijah Jones (CB, Boston College): Jones shined in the one-on-ones. He had a great pass break up against Southeast Missouri WR Ryan Flournoy.

Andru Phillips (CB, Kentucky): Flagged twice in the one-on-one drills. Not sure he deserved it on one of the two. However, his physicality is a double edged sword. He is still one of the better corners here in Mobile. 

Jamari Thrash (WR, Louisville):  Thrash moved well on Day 3. He ran solid routes and received a lot of targets in the team period. He made a great play against Andru Phillips in the one-on-ones. 


QB Play: The Quarterbacks have all been inconsistent and not so impressive. They have made some decent throws, but none with regularity. No one has really stood out and overall another disappointing day for Senior Bowl QB’s. 

Fun Drills: The offensive line for the American team ran one-on-ones and it was one of the highlights of the Senior Bowl. The drill energized both spectators and the players.

– Sam Finkel is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com who focuses on analytics.

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