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“They Have Each Other’s Back:” Q&A With Quintin Mikell, Jason Avant

Q&A: Jalen Hurts Brings Birds Together


Not only did the Eagles flourish offensively and defensively in their 32-6 season-opening destruction of the Falcons in Atlanta, they also gave off positive vibes in another, often overshadowed area.

Former Eagles safety Quintin Mikell and former Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant discussed the camaraderie they observed from the Eagles, a connection between the coaches and players that appeared to have faded away over the last few years.

Another thing that was beautiful to see was this team looks like they have each other’s back,” Mike said on the latest “Q&A” on Inside The Birds. “When they’re coming out in the pregame and halftime, they’re all dapping each other. It seems like they generally care about each other. I don’t think this Eagles team since the Super Bowl year has really had that kind of togetherness, like that type of us-against-the-world type mentality, where we have each other’s backs. That was really, really refreshing to see, to see those guys coming together and hopefully it continues to build throughout the season.”

Avant, noting past Eagles blowups between Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens or Carson Wentz and teammates taking anonymous shot at him in the media, said Jalen Hurts’ respect across the locker room has helped this team remain drama-free and just focus on football.

“I’m glad you said that,” he told Mikell. “You know why? Because the QB1 position changes the entire dynamic of everything. If there’s turmoil at that position, if theres lack of accountability at that position, if there’s tension from other positions at that position, it messes up the entire dynamic of the team. The teams that respect QB1 … it seems like they get along. The quarterback is a likable person, he’s a likable dude that knows how to go across the aisle and be able to communicate and have conversations with everyone.”

Also discussed on the show: an overall evaluation of the coaches and scheme, a look at why the run defense started slowly, observations on Jason Kelce, Jordan Mailata, Devonta Smith and the D-line, along with a lookahead to Sunday’s showdown against the 49ers.

“This [49ers] offense is gonna test everyone’s ability to be disciplined and to be where you’re supposed to be,” Mikell said, “because the second that you get out of your gap, the second you’re not where you’re supposed to be, it’s either gonna a handoff and they’re going to hit the gap and get a 20-, 30-yard gain or it’s gonna be a play-action pass and the ball is going to be behind you before you even know it.”

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