May 5, 2022   3 MIN READ

Scouting Dept. Undergoing Changes


The Philadelphia Eagles’ front office has undergone changes this week that included the firing of the team’s director of scouting operations.

On the latest Inside The Birds podcast, Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan discuss the personnel changes and more of the latest news surrounding the Eagles.

Nate Herbig

Geoff Mosher: “He was officially waived on Wednesday. That means he’ll be eligible to be claimed off waivers. Now here’s the big thing, once they drafted Cam Jurgens, you’ve got a second-round pick. He’s got to get a lot of reps on the second team and get ready because if Jason Kelce gets hurt, ideally they would like to go to Cam Jurgens. They do have other guys who can play center but this is a second-round pick. So now you’re putting Nate Herbig lower down the depth chart and he’s making $2.4 million on the RFA tender. That is just too much to pay for a third stringer.”

Casey Weidl

Adam Caplan: “Here’s kind of what we know. So they told him that his contract was not gonna be renewed but they’re gonna honor it, there is a year left on his contract […] He’s very well respected, obviously Andy [Weidl’s] younger brother. At what he does, he’s good at. They say he ties everything together, sort of a coordinator of scheduling for players for the draft and so he does a lot of good things. He’s worked with other organizations, very well-liked young guy. It was kind of surprising, I was not expecting this and then we found out earlier on Wednesday that he was out. But what we’ve heard is they have someone in mind to promote and that has something to do with this. But he won’t be out of work for long I’m sure.”

Catherine Raîche

Caplan: “Catherine Raîche we reported a couple of days ago, she’s leaving to the Browns. We’re told it is almost certain to be the assistant general manager. Her title with Eagles was VP of Football Operations. Well, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s job as the GM of the Vikings, he had the VP of Football Operations role for the Browns. So we were told earlier this week that Catherine is going to replace him in that role but you’re gonna give her a better title […] She’s very highly thought of and will probably be a GM, based on what we’ve heard someday.”

Brandon Hunt

Mosher: “We both heard from different people the same thing — that they are going to take a look outside the building in hiring. Definitely someone or who that, as I understand it, will be interviewing with the team is Brandon Hunt from the Pittsburgh Steelers, who is a pro scouting coordinator […] He is in contention out there in Pittsburgh for their GM vacancy, which is going to happen pretty soon now with Kevin Colbert stepping down. Kevin Colbert, arguably the best GM in the league and one of the best that’s ever done it, stepped down and so that’s kind of a high-profile job that he’s in the mix for. But obviously if he’s coming here to interview, which he is, it’s going to be for a pretty high-ranking position as well. So we’ll see what happens with that.”

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  • Bones

    Jim Nagy interviewing? Or Trey brown?

  • Deano

    Historically the Eagles have not done as well in the draft as other teams like the Steelers and Ravens. Now, other teams raiding the Eagles front office for fairly high positions in theirs. Is this a referendum on Eagles staff getting away from working for Mr.’s Lurie and Roseman or is it a more positive sign about how much progress the birds have made in the last 2 positive drafts?