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ITB: Which Eagles are Most Expected to Step Up in '23?


If the Philadelphia Eagles want to return to the Super Bowl in the 2023 season, they will have to rely on some different faces to step up in an increased role.

On the latest episode of the “Inside The Birds” podcast, Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher discussed potential moves the team could make and provided their choices for players and coaches under the most pressure to succeed in ’23.

Jordan Davis

2022 first round pick DT Jordan Davis will be tasked with a major role for the Eagles in ’23

D.J. Fluker

Adam Caplan: “He worked out on Wednesday. He hasn’t played since 2020, there is nothing imminent as of this moment. He is a guard/right tackle. As I was told by a personnel source, he is a guard who can play right tackle in a pinch, but you don’t want him to because he is not athletic enough.” 

Geoff Mosher: “I spent a lot of time watching tape of Fluker when I was going through The Scouting Academy. He had a bad habit of putting his head down at the point of contact. You could almost see the back of his helmet because it was parallel with the ground. It feels like he is a guy who could have been a lot better if he got himself better conditioning and had better footwork, technique, and form.” 

Jordan Davis

Mosher: “There is no question that if the Eagles want to be better this year and be able to move on from some of their major losses up the middle on this defense, Jordan Davis has to be a lot better and more prepared to play than last year.”

Caplan: “Since February, what we were told was he came in really good shape to their offseason program and has been very diligent. It’s not that he was not taking his job seriously last year, but he is definitely understanding responsibility of what it is like to be a pro. But I am hesitant to go all-in until we see him in training camp.”

Nakobe Dean

Mosher: “He is not your ordinary third round pick because people don’t view him that way. It’s not his fault, but he is viewed as this amazing player who somehow was available in the third round. He’s a human being, he’s not going to be Fred Warner on day one and he may never be Fred Warner, but the expectations for Dean are through the roof. If he doesn’t play well, they are absolutely screwed at the linebacker position.”

James Bradberry

Mosher: “The 49ers watching tape going up to that game believed they could beat Bradberry. Clearly, on their All-22 they must have seen that he was the beneficiary most of such great pass rush. In the match, carry, and deliver system, sometimes he did not have to be defending all the way down the field…now the pass rush has taken a little hit here. I wonder if he can make magic happen two years in a row.”

Brian Johnson

Caplan: “I know they love him. The Panthers were in on him and another team was in on him. The Eagles have a super high belief in him…This offense has been so dynamic and the coaching has been so good here. Johnson was part of the brain trust, not only to coach Hurts but also in the gameplanning each week. Now it’s his run and pressure is going to be on him. He hasn’t called plays at this level.”

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