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Birds Beatdown

ITB Postgame Live: Nothing Goes Right for Eagles in Blowout Loss


The Philadelphia Eagles met their match against a San Francisco 49ers offense that could not stop scoring.

On the Week 13 edition of “Inside The Birds Postgame Live,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher broke down what went wrong in the team’s 42-19 defeat.

The Eagles had no answer for Christian McCaffrey in the 42-19 loss to the 49ers

Eagles Run Defense

Geoff Mosher: “Christian McCaffrey moved the chains in the run game more in between the tackles which is not something we have seen a lot. Of course, you have to say no Zach Cunningham and Fletcher Cox a little banged up, but you have Jordan Davis, Jalen Carter, and Nic Morrow. This is something they are going to have to tighten up if they play again.”

Adam Caplan: “The thing that surprised me was the double teams work against young tackles. I’m not making excuses, but when you play backup players, you are going to get backup results. Christian Elliss was out of position, guys were diving, Nic Morrow has been a good story but should be a third or fourth linebacker. If you get past the first level, this is what you get.”

Kyle Shanahan

Mosher: “The Niners had too many weapons for this team to try to defend and Shanahan after the first two drives figured out where he was going to hit the Eagles where they couldn’t counterpunch.”

Caplan: “He is the best space creator in the National Football League, whether it is Brandon Aiyuk who had big plays in the first half or George Kittle who seemingly gets wide open with no one close to him, Jauan Jennings is a good third receiver and McCaffrey had the big 33-yard play out of the backfield.”

Brock Purdy

Caplan: “Purdy is such a cool customer. Early on in the game, the Eagles kept pressuring him, but he hung in there. He finished with a 148.8 rating, he was unbelievable. He got rid of it, he is an anticipation thrower, throws it out there for the pass target to go get it, he is incredible.”

Jalen Hurts

Mosher: “It seemed like every time Jalen Hurts dropped back, he had fairly good protection, but he was drifting a lot and getting out of the pocket. It seemed like every pass he made was him running right and throwing on the run.”

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