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ITB: Clay Harbor Sees "All Business" From Birds At Camp


After beginning a training camp that has been packed with competition and storylines, the Philadelphia Eagles are set to take the field on Saturday. for their opening preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” special guest and former Eagles tight end Clay Harbor joined Geoff Mosher to share his thoughts on the team’s recent practices heading into the first game.

Grant Calcaterra

GETTY IMAGES: Eagles second-year TE Grant Calcaterra impressed Clay Harbor with his route-running at camp.

Jalen Hurts

Clay Harbor: “These guys are out there for business, for work, to get their job done. It all stems down from the quarterback. He’s out there to get better and get ready for the season…He is anticipating his throws so well. A.J. Brown isn’t out of his break and the ball is [already] in the air. That’s how you know guys have chemistry. You see that with Jalen and A.J. and Jalen and DeVonta.”

Tight Ends

Harbor: “The guy who really impressed me was Grant Calcaterra. I didn’t see much in the blocking game, but in the receiving game, this guy runs some crisps routes, runs like a deer, catches the ball, is smooth. They are going to have a couple of different 12 personnels. (Dallas) Goedert is going to stay on the field, Jack Stoll in a blocking situation is going to be on the field, then on the move and fullback stuff you’ll get some Dan Arnold, and then when you want to do a throwing situation, you get Calcaterra. I don’t know who the odd man out is.”

Geoff Mosher: “I don’t know if they’re going to keep four. If they feel like they can get a couple guys through waivers…they’re going to have to keep some numbers. [The third spot] is basically between Calcaterra, Arnold, and Tyree Jackson and then it comes down to who is going to help them the most on special teams and who can do the most.”

Cam Jurgens

Harbor: “He has some guys that are going to make sure that he is in the right spot and doing everything right. He looked good, is a big, strong guy. You have to feel real comfortable looking to your left and right and seeing Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson.”

Mosher: “You can have all of the good qualities and step in there, but the most important thing you need at that spot is to know who is on your left and your right and how to communicate and that you’re up to speed. Kelce and Johnson don’t have to get up to speed, Jurgens has to get up to speed with them. I have been told at least in that part of the game, he has been trustworthy. One thing I know the Eagles are interested to see is that when the preseason starts, how is it sorting when they are coming at him from different directions? Can they handle a 340 pounder when one of them has to leave to go to the second level?”

Myles Jack/Zach Cunningham

Mosher: “I have some personnel people in Pittsburgh, here is what I got from them [on Myles Jack]: really good leader, smart guy, concerned about the body holding up…while Jack might be the spicier name, Zach Cunningham was a tackling machine. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cunningham emerges here.”


Harbor: “I think Reed Blankenship is a solid safety. I thought he would get pushed by some of these other guys for that starting job, but it seems like it’s his. I saw some struggles from Terrell Edmunds in coverage, maybe there’s a chance for K’Von Wallace or Sydney Brown to push for that spot, but you probably would have seen reps for Brown by then. Brown struggled a bit in coverage, got beat a couple of times.”

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