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‘Take Responsibility’

ITB: Why Are Eagles Still Struggling on Both Sides of Ball?


The Philadelphia Eagles remained stagnant on both sides of the ball in their third consecutive loss.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher provided intel on the issues that continued to plague the Eagles in the 17-13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Nick Sirianni

Eagles HC Nick Sirianni has yet to make similar changes on offense after changing the playcaller on defense

Nick Sirianni

Geoff Mosher: “The Eagles made a change in defensive playcaller because they didn’t feel their defense was up to standard. In the last three games offensively, you can’t tell me that has been up to standard. 17 points against a not very good Seahawks defense which followed up no touchdowns against Dallas preceded by the debacle that was the 49ers game. You wonder offensively if they are getting itchy, this is Nick Sirianni’s side of the ball, so if he doesn’t make any moves, that is interesting.”

Adam Caplan: “They have problems, they can’t change their offensive scheme in one season. They are going to have to go through the playbook and what works. Sirianni has to take responsibility for this, this is on him. If you want Brian Johnson fired, it’s not his scheme, this is Nick’s offense. They are going to have to figure this out together.”

Quez Watkins

Caplan: “52% of snaps, the guy is not a very good football player. Just because you can run, it doesn’t make you a good football player. I have had enough. He would flash at times but is not a consistent enough football player to be out there.”

Mosher: “They were up 17-13, they had the ball and were driving. It was a good drive until that interception, I don’t know if I want to go to that guy at that time if I am moving the ball methodically and I have a chance to put points on the board in a more conventional way. Throwing to Quez Watkins in that moment when it has not worked in the past was a questionable decision.”

Jalen Hurts

Caplan: “Getting it out of his hands quickly, I know he was ill, but this has been an ongoing problem with Hurts. Everybody knows that he was been wildly inconsistent to the point where you don’t know what you’re going to get out of him.”

Mosher: “We keep seeing, especially in the fourth quarter, the decision making really hurting him and them at times. Even after the Seahawks go ahead, they are approaching midfield with two timeouts and one of the best kickers in the league, I think they only needed to get 15 yards. To force a ball to AJ Brown where everybody already knew where the ball was going to go was a bad decision.”


Caplan: “They played with better discipline, but Lock was so inaccurate in the first half. You want to give the Eagles secondary credit, but they weren’t tested because Lock was so off his game and they called a very conservative gameplan with him.”

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  • Mike Guche

    This year is ugly and its stressful to watch as a fan. The defense can’t get off the field on 3rd down and the offense has not been able to score on consecutive drives to create momentum. They were embarrassed by the 49ers and Cowboys and just lost to a backup QB. Somehow the Eagles have the 3rd most sacks in the league yet it seems like opposing QB’s have all day to pick apart our secondary. Guys are wide open over the middle. These problems have been going on all season and the coaches have failed to fix them. This team just isn’t championship worthy. The Eagles will be lucky to win 2 out of 3 against inferior competition. They stumble into the NFC East title because of Dallas’ tough schedule, but I can easily see them as a wild card. Regardless, it’s like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. No chance of beating the 49ers and not even likely to beat Dallas or Detroit. I have been waiting each week for them to turn things around, long before the loss to SF, but it just hasn’t happened. This feels like a 7-7 team far more than a 10-4 team. So frustrating!!