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‘One More Guy’

ITB: Eagles Still Have Roster Holes to Fill


The 2023 Philadelphia Eagles have had an active free agency period, but their roster is far from a finished product.

On the latest episode of the “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher discussed the state of the team and identified potential ways to fill current roster holes.

GETTY IMAGES: Could DeVonta Smith fill the team’s roster hole at slot receiver?

Draft/Free Agency                                                

Geoff Mosher: “When they pay Jalen Hurts, they are going to find out how important it becomes to be more reliant on drafting and developing. Right now, 11 of their 22 projected starters were drafted by the Eagles. After they sign Hurts, that number has to be closer to 60-65% than 50% as far as hitting on your draft picks.”

Slot Receiver

Adam Caplan: “Whoever was available before is gone now. To me, it has to be Jarvis Landry if you’re going to look for a slot [in free agency]. If you’re going to draft a receiver, hopefully he is a possession slot like Jason Avant who has shown he can play right away.”

Mosher: “I’d rather sign an outside receiver who’s going to play 20-30% of snaps and then move DeVonta Smith and A.J. Brown into the slot than try to force-feed. I have nothing against Jarvis Landry, he just has not been productive in five years. Cole Beasley and Randall Cobb, no thank you. When you give me the outside receivers that are available, they are just more naturally talented and may have something left, than I would just rather go with the outside guy. I think DeVonta Smith could be an excellent slot on 20-25% of the snaps.”

Swing Tackle

Caplan: “It’s only April, but they are still in bad need of a veteran swing tackle. Billy Turner can play guard or right tackle. George Fant can play left and right tackle, can do both very well but he has been hurt. Cameron Erving is not really a good player, but he has versatility.”

Defensive Tackle

Caplan: “They have Fletcher Cox on a one-year deal. Jordan Davis just has to start, but he has to be in much better condition. Depth is not so much in numbers, it’s about who’s a stud. They need one more guy.”

Mosher: “It’s still a big question mark for them. You need the next Fletcher Cox…The Eagles have three of the top 62 picks. I would be stunned if they did not come out with defensive tackle in the top 62, just knowing how they build a team and what they need and the number of good defensive tackles that are in this draft.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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