January 22, 2024   3 MIN READ

Wink Watch?

ITB: Potential Names at OC, DC


Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni has seemingly begun the process to overhaul his coaching staff.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher discussed Sirianni’s job status and provided names to watch for coordinators.

Wink Martindale

Former Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale could be a name the Philadelphia Eagles are after.

Nick Sirianni

Adam Caplan: “This is an opinion based on knowing how things go: Yes, the second half of the season was terrible. But I have to think you calm down. This is not the Cleveland Browns, yeah the Eagles fire a lot of assistants, but Jeffery (Lurie) does not have a history of not giving his head coach enough time…the Eagles assistants who are still there are telling guys that they think Nick is back, coaching agents that have coaches on staff are acting like Nick is back.”

Geoff Mosher: “It’s a bad process to keep firing coaches that far removed from a Super Bowl. Having already gone through it with Doug (Pederson), it’s just one bad year and fired. That might make good coaches reluctant. I think you would only do it if you knew you were going to hire a veteran coach that is a proven winner.”

Jim Bob Cooter

Caplan: “He knows the scheme, is an experienced offensive coordinator and playcaller. If they do interview him and hire him, what adjustments to this scheme would they make?”

 Mosher: “He is with Indianapolis and is not the playcaller, it’s almost the same situation. You have Nick Sirianni, good leader but not a playcaller. People want you to bring in one of these hot names to do something good with this offense. There is something about that that does not move the needle.”

Jerrod Johnson

Mosher: “He broke into coaching in 2017 with the 49ers, spent a year with Kyle Shanahan and did it the following year with Colts and Sirianni. He does have some overlap, but I don’t know if he is heavily influenced by the Colts or his one year with Shanahan. He was also with Minnesota in 2022. It raises those questions if Sirianni is looking for a playcaller with experience or just looking to add different minds to his room.”

Wink Martindale

Caplan: “I can’t see it, only for one reason: he just left the Giants after a fallout with Brian Daboll. Would you want to go here where you know that the head coach is on the hot seat going into season?…but if you are (Howie) Roseman or Sirianni, wouldn’t you check in on what he wants to do? If you and I were running the show, he is my first call.”

Mosher: “Howie likes to be challenged. He is good when his back is against the wall. It would challenge Howie to really go out there at linebacker and corner to find guys who can specialize in press man coverage.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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