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ITB: What Are Sirianni, Roseman Looking For With New Coordinators?


Major changes are coming for the Philadelphia Eagles on both sides of the ball.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan is joined by Andrew DiCecco to discuss the latest developments in the Eagles’ coaching staff. 

Vic Fangio

GETTY IMAGES: New Philadelphia Eagles DC Vic Fangio will bring discipline to the team.

Nick Sirianni

Andrew DiCecco: “Right off the bat, Sirianni mentions the need to bring in fresh ideas [at his press conference]…,something had to change but now he was very adamant about giving full autonomy to whoever coaches the offensive and defensive side of the ball.”

Howie Roseman

DiCecco: “It seemed to me that he thought 10-1 was their true-to-form and their 1-6 skid was an aberration, which is troubling if you think about it because the status quo is not the way to go. They have to revamp defense and the offense.”

Caplan: “They had the best record in the NFL after 11 games, but you saw how they barely beat Kansas City and Buffalo. I hate to say luck, but they were living dangerously. For Howie to say they were a legit 10-1, they weren’t.”

Vic Fangio

DiCecco: “You are going to get a authoritative coach who is going to command the room. When you look at Sean Desai, one of the things that came up was that maybe he lacked confidence. He is a strict disciplinarian, as I understand it. He would hold 10-minute communications walkthroughs before practice. He is very detailed in the film approach and sometimes you would have to watch the same clip five times to make sure you understand it the same way he did. He holds players to a very high standard and there is not going to be room for error.  You really need that for a defense that, to me, lacked discipline throughout the season.”

Caplan: “An NFL GM told Geoff (Mosher) that Fangio wanted to be closer to his family in the Scranton area. It wasn’t that the Dolphins were upset with him. But to ask out of your contract and both sides agree is odd. We know the Eagles love him. Vic is the kind of guy who is going to get whatever he wants. There are going to be changes on the staff.”

Offensive Coordinator

Caplan: “We were told he did well enough that there is a possibility of a second interview. If Kingsbury were offensive coordinator, he would bring in some of his people…Kellen Moore is a guy that is heavy spread, a ton of three receiver sets, he is a very aggressive passer. What happened with him in Dallas is Mike McCarthy wanted to call the plays. Kellen became the Chargers OC last season…a source who worked with Moore told me the number three receiver will be involved everywhere he goes…whoever they hire, they want to take short-to-intermediate-to long. They want all three levels [in the pass game] stretched.”

DiCecco: “Former quarterbacks coach, I have gotten feedback that he is really good at that area of developing quarterbacks and finding ways to best accentuate what they do. Out of all of the names that we mentioned, he is the most intriguing thus far.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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