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‘Interesting Blend’

ITB: What Birds New Coordinators Bring To Table


The Philadelphia Eagles locked in two new coordinators over the weekend.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher provided intel on schematic changes that could be coming with the new hires.

Kellen Moore

GETTY IMAGES: New Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Kellen Moore will a wide array of weapons at his disposal.

Kellen Moore

Geoff Mosher: “Moore brings an interesting blend. We knew they wanted to bring in someone who has expertise in downfield passing, stressing defenses, getting vertical, but also someone who can scheme guys open…We know the Eagles are built to be able to hit you on a variety of levels: over the middle with (Dallas) Goedert and DeVonta (Smith), up top with DeVonta with A.J. Brown, on the perimeters with whatever running backs they have. I think this is a good marriage of mindset and coaching influence to the personnel.”

Adam Caplan: “He is what they call a space creator in the NFL world. Someone close to him told me his system is based largely on what he got in Boise which was spread. He integrated pro concepts as he went along. Nobody has a bad word to say as this guy, not just as a person but he is such a good schemer and designer.”

Offensive Personnel

Caplan: “The tight ends get the ball in this offense, particularly in the red zone. The misuse of Dallas Goedert, everybody talks about how athletic and good of a player he is but he should be getter. I don’t think Brian Johnson and Nick Sirianni schemed him open well enough.”

Mosher: “It shouldn’t be hard for Kellen Moore if he is as good as he as been, to find ways to get the ball to A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith. I am fascinated to see how he gets the ball to Dallas Goedert.”

Quarterbacks Coach

Caplan: “Doug Nussmeier is very close to Kellen Moore, starting coaching with him in 2018 with the Cowboys. He is technically still under contract with the Chargers, but one coaching source told me it would be a huge upset if he doesn’t travel to become the Eagles new QBs coach.”

Vic Fangio

Mosher: “He is a very demanding guy. I think the biggest thing I wonder is where there be total buy-in? These guys have ran his defense before, but they may not have been coached the way they are about to be coach.”

Caplan: “This is the true match, cover, and deliver system. It’s zone coverage where you carry them to where your landmark is and then hand it off to somebody else. You don’t blitz very much at all.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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