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Predictable Disaster

ITB Postgame Live: Same Issues in Blowout Wild Card Loss


The Philadelphia Eagles’ season came to a whimpering end on Monday night thanks to all the same issues that have plagued the team in the second half of the year.

On the final 2023 season edition of “Inside The Birds” postgame live, Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher were joined by Clay Harbor to discuss the 32-9 loss and future of the Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles

GETTY IMAGES: The Philadelphia Eagles had no answers on both sides of the ball in the 32-9 Wild Card loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Nick Sirianni

Clay Harbor: “Overall, this was one of the worst coached games that I have ever seen. It felt like they were all panicked and the panic from the coaching staff leaked down to the players. They sensed the desperation in the coaching staff. I am not going to be shocked if by the end of this week, Nick Sirianni is looking for a new job.”

Geoff Mosher: “You look at how poorly this team has played over the last eight weeks and having zero answers. We have just heard that the vibe at NovaCare has been tense and not good. You always as an organization are looking for your head coach to set the tone and figure it out.”

Adam Caplan: “If Sirianni is still the head coach, [changes] will start with defense. It’s no secret they are going to have to have a new defensive coordinator. You have a lot of guys who came from college, some did not have NFL experience. Unfortunately it shows at some of the positions.”


Harbor: “I kind of felt bad for Matt Patricia right off the bat…he literally tried three different strategies in the first series of plays and the Eagles couldn’t get there.”

Mosher: “They are very limited in the backend from a personnel standpoint. Even when Sean Desai was the playcaller, he played so many different coverages and no matter what he did the Eagles got picked apart in most games. The Eagles are just so obviously, undynamic, unathletic, and aging in the secondary.”

Caplan: “The coaches struggled this season but look at the players they were given. They were down five starters on defense [from last season] and it showed. And you lost Dennard Wilson who is one of the best defensive backs coach in the NFL.”


Caplan: “I could write a book on the problems with this scheme. I have never seen a scheme that has very little in-breaking [routes]. How does this happen in an NFL offense?”

Harbor: “Some of this stuff that was common sense that you would think they would do, they didn’t do. They were blitzed over half the time and had the fewest rushing yards for an Eagles playoff game in franchise history. It was the worst third down play I have ever seen.”

Mosher: “It didn’t seem like they were in a good enough flow to take over and dominate in the run game. I thought Tampa Bay did a pretty good job.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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