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ITB Postgame Live: Who is Ultimately to Blame in Latest Collapse?


The Philadelphia Eagles’ season reached a new low in with yet another team collapse, this time against the 4-12 Arizona Cardinals.

On “Inside The Birds Postgame Live,” Geoff Mosher was joined by former Eagles tight end Clay Harbor to react to the 35-31 last-minute loss.

Eagles run defense

The Philadelphia Eagles defense gave up 221 rushing yards in the 35-31 loss to the Arizona Cardinals

Run Defense

Clay Harbor: “Earlier in the season, they were really good at stopping the run. For whatever reason, teams have picked up on this defensive scheme and noticed some of these weak points and attacked them. The power run game is a weakness for the Eagles.”

Geoff Mosher: “The five-man fronts with Zach Cunningham behind it enabled the Eagles to get out of double team situations better and then get him and Nic Morrow into gaps. I sense today that the Eagles defensive line was getting swallowed up by double teams.”


Harbor: “The tackling of the defensive backs was not good. You saw it when (Eli) Ricks got his ankles broken, Sydney Brown had a decent game but he missed lots of tackles too… Tackling is an issue for the secondary as well as coverage”

Brian Johnson/Nick Sirianni

Harbor: “The way this game was going, be more aggressive. You do not want to put this game on your defense the way they were playing. That was unforgivable.”

Mosher: “Who Sirianni has been for two-and-a-half years since he changed the offense around in year one is aggressive. Go for the kill and show the backbone. In that situation where the ship feels like it is sinking, he chose to sink with it and get conservative in the playcalling. If you want to put it on Brian Johnson, I put it on the entire offense because they are all big contributors.”

Julio Jones

Mosher: “He can give you a little bit more than Quez Watkins has been giving you. The second touchdown, Julio did an unbelievable job of seeing the ball into his hands, then absorbing the contact, turning, and scoring a touchdown. I don’t know that you get that a whole lot from number three receivers.”

Harbor: “Jones’ explosive is mostly gone, but the guy still makes plays. He has been in every situation, no moment is too big for him. When he is on the field, he brings a sense to the huddle that you trust him, you know what he is going to get with this guy, he is going to play hard in the blocking game, a bigger receiver. When his number gets called, more often than not he is going to make the play.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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