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ITB: What Are Keys to Most Successful Eagles Drafts?


The Philadelphia Eagles will have big decisions to make in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Luckily, personnel chief Howie Roseman is no stranger to this in his multiple decades with the organization.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher provided intel on trends found in the Eagles’ recent first round selections. 

Howie Roseman

Brandon Graham

Adam Caplan: “In 2010, [Howie Roseman] had input, but Andy Reid had control. They traded up to get BG and their thinking was they liked Jason Pierre-Paul and his length, but they thought BG had a little more explosion, they thought Graham was a more developed football player.”

Fletcher Cox

Caplan: “We are told the first year that [Roseman] really had a say was in 2012 with Fletcher Cox…they made a decision that they were not going to trade up to get him. They had it planned out pretty well, this was a home run. They stayed true to their roots on the offensive and defensive lines.”

Geoff Mosher: “This was the time where you really started to understand the Eagles’ identity, which remains in place right now of what they like in the draft. When you talk about draft philosophy and team building, it has to be done step-by-step.”

Lane Johnson

Caplan: “2013 is the first year that Roseman had control. They took Lane Johnson. Chip Kelly wanted Dion Jordan, the Dolphins knew this so they traded up for him. The Eagles lucked out, they got a hall-of-fame player.”

Mosher: “Now we are also seeing a trend where they pick in the top 10, top 15: Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Lane Johnson, they got what they wanted.”

Jalen Reagor

Caplan: “They were drafting for speed no matter what. They loved Reagor’s return ability, explosive. The guy should have been a second-round pick. Not only did they pass up Justin Jefferson, Brandon Aiyuk was in that draft as well. This is one of the tendencies that Howie has had: when he is drafting for specific needs, he misses. (Andre) Dillard to replace (Jason) Peters was a miss, Reagor for speed was a miss, (Derek) Barnett because they wanted an edge rusher was a miss.”

2023 NFL Draft

Mosher: “You had a top 10 draft pick, you picked a pass rushing defensive tackle. You had a bottom end first round pick, you took an edge rusher who was undersized [Nolan Smith]. This was vintage Eagles drafting.”

Caplan: “Carter had a terrific rookie season, he did tail off late, but this is his first full offseason as a starter. You can say they drafted for need, but he was their highest graded player for the draft. That is a trend that Howie has gotten: more often than not when they trade up for the highest graded player, they get it right. When they trade up for need, they miss.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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