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‘Can Do Anything’

Greg Cosell on Eagles, NFL Offseason Moves


The Philadelphia Eagles and many other teams have been aggressive in acquiring talent this offseason.

On the latest “Intel With Greg Cosell” on “Inside The Birds,” the legendary NFL Films Analyst Cosell discussed acquisitions for the Eagles and the NFL.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson

GETTY IMAGES: Returning Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson brings versatility to the defense.

Kenny Pickett

Greg Cosell: “He never played the way that he played in college and the way I thought he would have to play in the league to be a quality starter, which I still think he can be. The tape will tell you he struggled, missed a lot of routine throws which he did not do in college. He just looked like a very uncomfortable player in an offense I don’t think he was comfortable with…but I think if he had to play in a Kellen Moore offense he could probably be effective.”

Saquon Barkley

Cosell: “He is a complete back in the sense that he adds a ton to your pass game. I am sure that was a major factor. As a runner, he has explosive traits. We know he can take it to the house any time and that is his game much more so than being a true sustaining back. Despite his size, he has never really been that kind of runner.”

Zack Baun

Cosell: “The question is how do the Eagles see him? He only played with the Saints, for the most part, in their 4-3 base defense. Very often, he would line up on the ball as a sam linebacker. He was an edge pass rusher in college.”

Oren Burks

Cosell: “You are talking about a lean, linear-framed guy. 6’3, 230+, runs really well, a little tight in his lower body but runs really well, maybe needs to be a little faster to see him in the run game but he has straight-line juice, can run with running backs and play in zone coverage,”

C.J. Gardner-Johnson

Cosell: “He is a really good football player who can play in any scheme…Gardner-Johnson can do anything, he will line up in a quarters structure, he can drop down, play deep, has really good range, sees it really well, has great ball skills. And he brings some swagger to your defense too.”

Bryce Huff

Cosell: “At the end of the day, Bryce Huff is a situational pass rusher…did they sign him to play 50 snaps a game? Because he has never done that. I think he is a really good pass rusher and he pretty much lines up only on the left side of the defense which is the same side Reddick lines up on.”

Brian Burns (New York Giants)

Cosell: “He fits perfectly because he is the Harold Landry for Shane Bowen and is better than Landry. Burns is phenomenal, he can bend, is a terrific pass rusher. You have to account for Burns.”

Frankie Luvu (Washington Commanders)

Cosell: “He is a dynamic mover, can rush the quarterback, play off the ball, he is kind of a complete linebacker that nobody knows about. He can do a lot of things and he is not small.”

Marquise Brown (Kansas City Chiefs)

Cosell: “Brown can run, I think he is a pretty good receiver. I think Rashee Rice is going to continue to develop as a solid receiver.”

Russell Wilson (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Cosell: “They said Wilson is going to be the starter. What we know is there is going to be a lot of play action because Arthur Smith starts with the run game and I think that is the way Mike Tomlin wants his offense to look. They will try to be a play action team. Can Russell Wilson execute that well? Theoretically he can. At his core, he is not a timing/rhythm player.”

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