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ITB: Eagles Defense Will Rely on Several First and Second Year Players


The 2023 Philadelphia Eagles will look notably different on defense with both a new coordinator and the need to replace several key starters on the defensive line, inside linebacker room, and secondary.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher discussed the team’s latest signings and gave an early preview of the defensive depth chart.

Nakobe Dean

Second-year LB Nakobe Dean is expected to step up as the team’s starting MLB in 2023

Dan Arnold

Adam Caplan: “He can run and he can jump…You can only use him in a specific way and that is as an detached tight end, they might line him up in the ‘X’ position as well. The guy can fly.”

Geoff Mosher: “They have a backup for (Dallas) Goedert in Jack Stoll: a ‘Y’ who can catch and block. They don’t have that, if want to be 12 personnel but have a pass catching tight end flexed in there and (Grant) Calcaterra is hurt or regresses, then you have Dan Arnold in there to give it the old college try.”

Defensive Tackle

Mosher: “My concerns about Jalen Carter and Jordan Davis is that neither of them have played a whole lot of snaps as the college level because they were part of such a deep rotation at Georgia. Davis struggles to play a certain amount of snaps in a row because of his weight…we already know that Carter at his pro day was not in shape. Week one, can you get Carter and Davis on the field enough to make an impact?”

Nakobe Dean

Caplan: “Barring something highly unforeseen, it would be crazy if he doesn’t start…He can blitz, was a phenomenal player at Georgia. Kirby Smart called him the smartest player he has ever coached. This is a big step up. He’s not the biggest guy in the world, I’m interested to see what his weight is, if he can get up to 230.”

Mosher: “His ability to blitz is a big bonus, but it doesn’t alleviate my overall concern about the inside linebackers. My concern about the position is they are very light and can get run on if guys aren’t kept clean.”

Sydney Brown

Caplan: “One personnel source said to me that yes, he was mostly a box player, but it is what he was asked to do. It doesn’t mean he can’t play back. That is something they are going to have to work on with him, but from what I have heard, he is super coachable and is a guy who has great athletic skill.”

Mosher: “Sydney Brown is not going to give you the type of coverage, instincts, and playmaking that C.J. Gardner-Johnson gave you because C.J. is a nickel corner by trade, whereas Brown will make most of his plays from a safety position.”

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