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Right Fits?

ITB: Staff and Free Agency Intel


The Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff continues to undergo a major makeover, with a big question being how they fit with current personnel.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher provided intel on the team’s recent hires and discussed the in-house free agents on the offensive side of the ball. 

D'Andre Swift

GETTY IMAGES: RB D’Andre Swift enters free agency.

Doug Nussmeier

Adam Caplan: “He is a proven NFL quarterbacks coach. He is really solid, I have talked to people who have worked with him, he is really solid…The only thing hanging here with Nussmeier and Kellen Moore is what they can do to get (Jalen) Hurts back to being a dual threat quarterback and getting him back to that elite level.”

Offensive Coordinator

Geoff Mosher: “As we were told, Kliff Kingsbury was the leading candidate at first when they were looking for someone to replace Brian Johnson. What we were told is that they had a second conversation with Kingsbury where you talk more and discuss the framework and somewhere along the line, the Eagles liked his concepts and what he could do offensively, but there was a certain level of autonomy they were not willing to go that far…in the end they felt that Kellen Moore was going to come in also very good at what they look for offensively but just fit in better with the culture that they are trying to establish.”

Caplan: “One coaching source who worked with Moore in the past said he is one of the few attack offensive playcallers. Usually, you hear that about defensive coordinators. He is relentless on it. He is walking into great personnel; this is a pretty good situation for him.”

Joe Kasper

Mosher: “Kasper was with the Eagles, Vic (Fangio) liked what he saw from him so he hired him in Miami to be the safeties coach. Not surprising he is coming back to the Eagles to work under Fangio as a safeties coach.”

D’Andre Swift

Caplan: “If Kellen Moore has a big role in mind in the pass and run game, they have to look to bring him back. They have to communicate really well here.”

Mosher: “The Eagles might find the benefit of running backs are just not getting paid, so maybe they can do something with Swift where they are not breaking the bank. People think the Eagles don’t pay running backs, that’s not true. They paid Brian Westbrook, Lesean McCoy. If a guy is going to be good, productive, and versatile which D’Andre Swift is, he can get some money from the Eagles. They just weren’t going to pay Miles Sanders what he made on the market.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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