February 26, 2024   2 MIN READ

On the Edges

Greg Cosell Sees Solid Pass Rushers on Free Agent Market


Always on the hunt for the edge depth, there are plenty of intriguing names for the Philadelphia Eagles to look at on the free agent market.

On the latest episode of “The Intel With Greg Cosell” on “Inside The Birds,” the NFL Films legend Cosell joined Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher to discuss the notable edge rushers heading into free agency.

Bryce Huff

GETTY IMAGES: Jets EDGE rusher Bryce Huff racks up sacks and pressures despite playing in a limited role.

Bryce Huff

Greg Cosell: “He has basically been used as a situational pass rusher, almost always lines up on the left side of the defense. He is one of those guys where you can’t just look at the sack stats, he pressures quarterbacks. He’s bendy, explosive, is really good as a looper in the stunt game.”

Jonathan Greenard

Cosell: “He almost always lined up on the right side of the defensive line. He is bendy, can play off contact well. I thought he was a really solid player and has grown in the league to become a good pass rusher.”

Andrew Van Ginkel

Cosell: “In an ideal world, pass rusher is what he has been. He is long and athletic. He is one of those really intriguing players because he is not going to be ‘the guy.’ He knows the system, can play multiple positions. He is one of those really solid players that every defense needs.”

Chase Young

Cosell: “He did not look particularly good this year. I know he had the sack in the Super Bowl, but for the most part he looked upright and stiff. I can tell you from speaking with someone who was on the Commanders’ staff for the entire time Young was there said that this kid is not one of those guys that loves to ball and highly motivated.”

Jadeveon Clowney

Cosell: “I thought he played his best football far and away last year. His body looked leaner, he moved better, he showed a little bend which he hadn’t shown for much of his career. Yes he was playing on a really good defense with a lot of other good players, but just isolating him as an individual he had an outstanding year.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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