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ITB: Goedert, Dickerson, Mailata Due for Extensions


The Philadelphia Eagles manage contracts unlike any other team, allowing the organization to maintain one of the most talented rosters in the NFL.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher discuss the contract situations for two of the team’s strongest positional groups: tight ends and offensive line.

Landon Dickerson

Eagles starting guard Landon Dickerson could be in line for a contract extension after his first Pro Bowl season in 2022

Dallas Goedert

Adam Caplan: “His cap number this year is only $6.46 million. Next year, due to the option bonus proration and salary that has not been restructured, his cap number goes from $6.4 million to $19.52 million, but there is no fully guaranteed money next year. This year, everything is fully guaranteed.”

Geoff Mosher: “If he has no guaranteed money left after this year, it means that if they have a nice year this year, they will probably look to restructure going into next year or extend.”

Landon Dickerson

Mosher: “As long as he stays healthy, Dickerson is primed for an extension. He already made a Pro Bowl in year two. We know he does limp off the field in almost every game, but then he is right back out there and back next game. He needs a lot of maintenance, but he plays.”

Caplan: “[Quenton Nelson’s contract] is the high mark if you are Dickerson’s agent, over $20 million [per year], well that was done last September. If he makes another Pro Bowl and it is really clear that he is really good, I am probably going to look to beat it.”

Jason Kelce

Caplan: “One-year, $14.5 million. He has a three-year void on his contract. The dead money, even if he retires after this year, is going to be a lot. They keep stretching the money out so he doesn’t take a big cap hit.”

Jordan Mailata

Caplan: “He is signed through 2025. On his first extension, they put two voidable years, but because he had a contract that was set up to be restructured, they went to him before the draft and took his base salaries and converted them to option bonuses and added two more voidable years. Based on structure, it is almost certain that if he plays well this year and next year, he is getting an extension in ’25.”

Lane Johnson

Caplan: “He can’t come back and play in 2027 based on the structure. When they did this extension, it was sort of dubious whether he would play until 37, but he is 33 now. Based on what we have been told, he is in such a good space with his challenges off the field. He is doing great, has a great family life, loves football. I could see him playing in ’24 and ’25 and then making a decision on what to do.

Mosher: “I heard him on an interview recently, he said he felt good about being to play the three years left on his deal. I got the sense that he is not going to be a year-to-year guy like Jason Kelce has been.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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