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‘Blowing Plays Up’

ITB: Jalen Carter Stands Out During Joint Practices


The Philadelphia Eagles ramped up their preseason preparation with multiple joint practices against the Cleveland Browns.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan provided the newest intel from the practices.

Jalen Carter

Eagles rookie DT Jalen Carter was a standout in the team’s recent practices

Landon Dickerson

Adam Caplan: “Dickerson has had these lower body, ankle, foot since he was drafted. You have seen him leave games early, sometimes come back sometimes not. Any time it’s Dickerson and injuries, you hope it’s not something that lingers. There is no concern about Week 1, but you just have to keep an eye on it.”

Geoff Mosher: “The interesting thing about Dickerson coming out is that he was replaced first by Sua Opeta. And then Josh Sills at some point replaced Opeta. I thought it was interesting from a Sills standpoint. This guy just got back to the team less than a week ago.”

Jalen Hurts

Mosher: “Compared to last year when there were some up days and down days, this camp he has just come into his own as the guy.”

Caplan: “He has this innate awareness of knowing where everybody is. Last year you really saw it. He has ratched it up a level. And then he has such command and presence and awareness.”

Tyrie Cleveland

Caplan: “It’ll be hard to keep six receivers, but when you look at Tryie Cleveland, right now he is giving front offices something to think about. It’s on tape from the Baltimore game, reporters have seen it and are writing about it. The guy has shown up.”

Mosher: “The way it was put to me from someone who was at both practices is that Tyrie Cleveland has done a nice job and is a good story, but when you look at the Eagles, he is a fifth receiver. The difficulty in being a fifth receiver for the Eagles if you are not a punt returner is that you are probably not much of a reason to have you on the 53.”

Cam Jurgens

Caplan: “Jurgens really struggled with power, I was told. You could see him being moved. They lined up Z’Darius Smith inside on nickel, so he was over Jurgens. Whatever they did, it worked. The next day he was much better.”

Jalen Carter

Caplan: “He has a little Jeffery Simmons in him. He is very consistent with winning in all drills, shows up with power. The offensive linemen for the Browns were not picking up his hands…because he is a new player, they couldn’t pick up his technique. He was getting that inside arm and blowing plays up.”

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