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‘Instilled His Culture’

ITB: Former Eagles TE Clay Harbor Credits Eagles Culture for Team's Success


The Philadelphia Eagles are gearing up for another Super Bowl run in the 2023 season thanks to a top-level roster and culture.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” hosts Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher were joined by former Eagles tight end Clay Harbor to give his thoughts on the team. 

Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts

Getty Images: Eagles HC Nick Sirianni and QB Jalen Hurts Have Instilled a Top-Level Culture

Sydney Brown

Clay Harbor: “I went to the Senior Bowl and one of the guys that popped to me was Sydney Brown. Not only can this guy cover, he is built. He is a Philadelphia Eagle safety, he is going to be able to play in the run game and the pass game. I think Brown is a starter. You go through the offseason, OTAs, training camp, I think he wins the job. He is a guy that can cover tight ends, big enough where he is not going to get outmatched and quick enough to cover the quick tight ends.”

Jalen Hurts

Harbor: “Not to sound cliché, but the thing that stood out to me about Jalen Hurts is that this guy is all football. A lot of other quarterbacks are not as bought in as Hurts. He has an unmatched work ethic, those are the guys you want to bet on. He is not worried about anything but being the best football player he can be.”

Nick Sirianni

Harbor: “He really stuck to it and planted his flowers and instilled his culture…The players start to believe in that more. He’s not one of these coaches that is going to bring in a new gameplan every week. They are doing the same schedule, same routine game after game.”

Tight Ends

Harbor: “The Eagles have done a good job of drafting and developing tight ends. I think Grant Calcaterra is a solid player. I am a big fan of Dan Arnold. You are probably going to see some 13 personnel in the Eagles future.

Jordan Davis

Harbor: “Looking at some of the interior defensive linemen that are successful in this league, you probably try to get a couple of pounds off him. You don’t want to take away his strength or his base, but with 10 pounds you can feel the difference in a player. You feel so much quicker, more explosive, you keep your wind longer.”

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