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Bills Up

ITB: Can Eagles Contain Wild Play of Josh Allen?


The 9-1 Philadelphia Eagles will take on a recently revamped Buffalo Bills offense for the second week of their schedule gauntlet.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Adam Caplan and Geoff Mosher previewed the key matchups against the Buffalo Bills and provided their final score predictions. 

Josh Allen

Bills Secondary

Geoff Mosher: “This is a Bills team that plays a lot of zone for two reasons: A. Sean McDermott is a zone kind of guy and B. when you are that beat up in the secondary, you have to protect your corners…This feels like a throw the ball game where Jalen Hurts comes out with a lot of 11 personnel and a lot of passing.”

Adam Caplan: “With Tre’Davius White out of the season and Dane Jackson starting on the outside, probably so…This is where A.J. Brown muscles up whoever is on his side.”

Bills Defensive Line

Caplan: “Von Miller is clearly not the player he once was, but they have a good rotation up front. A.J. Epenesa was a second rounder in 2020 who was just a power end, but in the last few seasons he has shown to be a better pass rusher, Leonard Floyd is in the rotation, Shaq Lawson is back. They shouldn’t have too much problem protecting that.” 

Mosher: “To me, it’s about making sure the Eagles offensive line blocks it up. They have to block Ed Oliver, Von Miller, and A.J. Epenesa. If you block them, you can probably have a pretty functional offense. If you don’t block them, your quarterback is probably going to be on the run trying to make second reaction plays.”

Joe Brady

Caplan: “He had some limited playcalling at LSU, but great energy, smart guy…It’s not easy to coach Josh Allen because he wants to do his own thing.”

Josh Allen

Mosher: “When you watch the Bills offense, it almost feels like 65-70% of their passing game is Josh Allen on second reaction plays, which he is great at. That is a testament to how physically gifted Allen is.”

Caplan: “His mechanics have improved…for a big guy, he can move and he can take contact.” 

Final Score Predictions

Caplan: “I am going 27-20, Eagles.”

Mosher: “I have the Philadelphia Eagles 27, the Bills 34. I think the Bills are going to score a lot of points because this is one of those rare quarterbacks where the Eagles defensive line gets neutralized because he is so hard to bring down.”

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