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ITB: Do Eagles Pick at 22 or Trade Up?


A busy weekend lies ahead for the Philadelphia Eagles as they enter the 2024 NFL draft with nine picks, beginning with the 22nd overall.

On the latest episode of “Inside The Birds,” Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan provided intel on different scenarios that could occur over draft weekend. 

Terrion Arnold

Alabama CB Terrion Arnold is a name to watch if the 2024 NFL Draft board falls the Eagles’ way


Geoff Mosher: “It feels like if they trade up, they are looking for a corner. Not ruling out trading up for a different position, but it is just the vibe we got.”

Adam Caplan: “It is a cornerback top-heavy group: Quinyon Mitchell, Terrion Arnold. For Kool-Aid McKinstry, one club said they have an early two [second round grade] another one said they had a mid [first round grade].”

Mosher: “There was a time based on some of the feedback I had gotten that people were saying the Eagles really like athletic testing and Nate Wiggins tested really well athletically. But doing more work on Wiggins, teams have questions: the weight, I do know there are maturity concerns and then tape about whether he is putting his body in there all the time to make the play. I think Mitchell and Terrion Arnold would be the guys to watch for.”


Mosher: “If you stay at 22, you probably lost out on the corners and are looking for the best offensive linemen at that spot.” 

Caplan: “Amarius Mims can play right tackle. The person we spoke with said he is a willing learner, very eager to be a great football player. That puts him more in the radar. They had Tyler Guyton in, we are told no way he can play guard.”

Mosher: “From what I understand, the Eagles don’t believe they have to take a tackle who has guard capabilities…there are some guys in this draft who might be there at 22 who don’t project.”

Edge Rusher

Caplan: “What we have on Laiatu Latu is yes the Eagles like him. People we speak with seem to believe he will be available in the twenties. Teams are concerned about the neck. I believe not only he will be there, I wouldn’t rule out a trade down possibility if the Eagles’ board blows up.”

Mosher: “I spoke to one team about his medicals. From what I understand, that team does not have the clearance to draft him in the first team. Another team tells me he is on their first round board, but they agree with the risk other teams have seen.”


Mosher: “I have heard anywhere between late two and early three for Jeremiah Trotter Jr. If it winds up being three, that could benefit the Eagles. Trevin Wallace is a name to look out for in the third round.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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