April 18, 2022   3 MIN READ

Movin’ On Up?

ITB: Can Birds Find Partner To Trade Up?


With the NFL draft ready to kick off next week, the Eagles are seeking impact prospects in the first round who can make an immediate impact.

On the latest Inside The Birds podcast, Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan go over the latest Eagles news and answer questions surrounding the draft and current roster.

ITB photo: Can the Eagles package Andre Dillard to move up in Round 1?

Andre Roberts

Adam Caplan: “Our understanding is [the Eagles] also have interest in Andre Roberts, the veteran returner.

Geoff Mosher: “He’s great at that. He is just a really good veteran returner.”

Caplan: “He’s still got it, the Chargers I am told wanted him back but they didn’t want to guarantee any money or very little so they signed DeAndre Carter, another former Eagles you might remember. So yeah, our understanding is they have interest in Andre Roberts but he is gonna want to get some money. The guy’s been to the Pro Bowl before. He’s gonna want some money, he’s a veteran, he’s well into his 30s. Still is good, so we’ll see where it goes.”

David Ojabo

Mosher: “I wouldn’t be afraid to draft David Ojabo at 15 or 18. I wouldn’t be afraid, because we’ve talked about how they really don’t have any defensive ends under contract past 2022 and so they need one and he’s good and he’d probably be a top-15 prospect without the Achilles injury. You see guys making comebacks. I know he won’t be able to play, maybe you get him on the field in December. You’d like him to help out in year one, but you’re really hoping to get a guy by year two, year three who is going to be an impact player for you.”

Trade-up SIcenario?

Mosher: “It just seems so perfect. I know Carolina needs a left tackle and they called [the Eagles] last year about Andre Dillard and they’re sitting there at six and don’t need a corner. The Eagles should absolutely be in discussions with the Panthers about 15th overall, Andre Dillard and then a second or third or whatever the value chart says would get it done to get up to six because the Panthers: a) Need to tackle and then they can get one in Dillard; b) they’d still get the first-round pick just down at 15; then c: they would recover a pick that they’ve lost [from a past trade].”

Zech McPhearson

Mosher: “One thing I can tell you that they’ve liked about Zech McPhearson is he’s a tough player. He’s a hard-nosed player, he’s physical and he tackles well, which you know we’ve seen cornerbacks who just absolutely can’t or won’t tackle. So they like that, but the only issue is that he’s not a linebacker, he is a cornerback and the things you want to hear about a team liking it’s corner is the ability to run down the field and cover anybody and make contested pass breakups and things like that. He hasn’t played enough to be able to show that he can or can’t do that. So there’s just a lot of ‘I don’t know’ involved with Zech McPhearson right now.”

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