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‘Hurts Is Healthier’

ITB Live From Radio Row: Pro Football Doc Says Hurts Shoulder No Big Deal


Adam Caplan, Geoff Mosher, and Andrew DiCecco are joined by special guests on “Inside The Birds Live From Radio Row” for Super Bowl LVII and Philadelphia Eagles coverage.

Jalen Hurts Super Bowl

GETTY IMAGES: Jalen Hurts and the Eagles participate in their first practice of Super Bowl week.

Dr. David Chao (@ProFootballDoc, Sports Injury Central)

Jalen Hurts/Patrick Mahomes

Dr. David Chao: “Neither one is 100%, but in my belief, Jalen Hurts is the healthier one of the two quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes did very well in the championship game, he was probably was only 70% healthy, but the way that he throws off platform, he doesn’t need to step into the ball, change arm angles, wrong foot throws, that’s almost his norm. He’s 50% better than he was two weeks ago. If you notice in that championship game, he could not run to the left at all. He will be better this week…Jalen Hurts, I would be more worried about rust than his shoulder. If you look at the Giants and 49ers game, look at the game script. Did you need him to do everything you wanted him to do? But I don’t think he’s hurt is the good news.”

Lane Johnson

Dr. Chao: “I have to give a medal to Lane Johnson. Here’s how he’s able to do it: he’s Lane Johnson, he’s really smart, and really good. But he’s not All-Pro Lane Johnson, this is Pro Bowl alternate Lane Johnson. The good news is it’s his right groin. If it were his left, he’d have a harder time. If you watch his pass sets, he was probably a yard deeper than the left tackle to cut off the angle. To me, the biggest question mark is are they going to put Chris Jones on him and really test him?”

LeGarrette Blount

Super Bowl Prediction

LeGarrette Blount: “I like the Philadelphia Eagles to win, and win by 10.”

Jason Kelce

Blount: “Kelce keeps his body healthy. He knows how to keep his head out of it. He’s very smart and he’s a great leader.”

Jim McMahon

1991 Eagles Defense

Jim McMahon: “They talk about our ’85 Bears defense, that ’91 defense was every bit as good. Unfortunately, offensively, we struggled. I kept getting hurt, we were 8-3 when I was a starter.”

Super Bowl Prep

McMahon: “It’s really no different than any other week.”

Clay Harbor

Andy Reid

Clay Harbor: “Coach Reid is a guy that’s going to keep everything the same. It doesn’t matter what part of the season, he believes in his system and what he does…He’s going to keep the preparation the same because he knows that routine is important to these players. That’s what helps you execute.”

Dallas Goedert

Clay Harbor: “I think the two best tight ends in the NFL are playing in the Super Bowl this year. Goedert is an all around guy. He is a full service tight end. I love when a TE does block, because you’re doing a disservice to the position if you don’t. Goedert blocks, catches the ball, he can go down the field on the seam, he does it all. He’s not Travis Kelce, but after Kelce, Goedert is the next guy in line, I think he’s the second best TE in the NFL.”

Ross Tucker

Offensive Line

Ross Tucker: “This line, the right tackle (Lane Johnson) and the center (Jason Kelce) are the two best players at their position and they’re going to be Hall of Famers. The right guard is the one that gets talked about the least, but (Isaac) Seumalo has had a really good year. He’s going to get a lot of money in free agency. The left side, they are a weapon (Jordan) Mailata weighs 380, Landon (Dickerson) has to be close to 350. So picture a double team: you’re the d-tackle on Landon Dickerson’s outside shoulder. When Mailata and Dickerson come flying off of the ball as hard as they can, that’s 730 pounds. And they’re not slow, they move well.

Run Game

Tucker: “I hope that they major in the run against the Chiefs. I talked to Brandon Thorn, really good o-line and d-line guy, and he made an interesting point: the Chiefs d-line is pretty good, but they lack depth. Derrick Nnadi and Chris Jones are pretty good. If you get into their second string, there’s a huge drop off. Good for the Eagles, bad for the Chiefs.”

– Benjamin Paul is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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