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Discipline Issues “Absolute, Pathetic Joke”

ITB Recap: Discipline, Play Calls Falter Vs. Bucs


Despite a tight finish against the Buccaneers on Thursday night, the Eagles suffered their fair share of breakdowns in the 28-22 loss that will need to be addressed with a long week coming up.

On the latest Inside The Birds podcast, Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan gave their takeaways on the offense and defense along with examining the remainder of the schedule.


Adam Caplan: “Genard Avery has a bonehead play, absolutely was taunting, the exact epitome of the rule. He knew they were going to put emphasis on this, the players knew this because it’s been explained, and also Nick Sirianni, the head coach, clearly does not get through to his players. This is absolutely on him, too, the lack of discipline with his vocal team is an absolute, pathetic joke. It’s just embarrassing. They fight back, show a lot of heart to fight back, and this is what happens?”


Caplan: “In the end this team is so limited at the receiver position because they are so young and the head coach, play callers are not doing a good enough job to help these guys.”

Geoff Mosher: “Do you remember a month or a couple of weeks before the season started, we talked about what’s going to be the stronger point of the team — the offensive or the defense? Neither is a strong point right now but last two weeks it’s certainly not the offense that is the strong point.”


Caplan: “[Jonathan] Gannon’s doing a better job, let’s give him credit. Where I kind of beat up [Nick] Sirianni a little bit I think you and I would agree that Gannon started just a little bit and that’s coaching. I understand this is only [Sirianni’s] sixth game calling plays, Gannon’s sixth game calling plays. They have to get better. Gannon’s getting better and the head coach, play-caller does need to get better.”

Mosher: “He does. People are getting annoyed with the soft zones on the outside but if you play [Darius] Slay up on Antonio Brown and you play Steven Nelson — who’s a scrappy corner, not a very speedy corner — you play him up on Mike Evans, and those guys miss, you’re going to be giving up that deep pass. They really did not give up a whole lot [deep]. I don’t think they gave up anything over the top, if I’m not mistaken.”


Caplan: “They do have a lot of heart. Sirianni, for as much as I criticize him, they play hard for him. They play hard for their coaches, but I do believe that coaches have to help them a little bit more. I typically don’t criticize coaches but I’ve been a little bit underwhelmed with the offense and as you and I talk to people around the league, you and I have exchanged notes, we’re getting a lot of criticism from people around the league on the Eagles’ offense. That the coaches need to help them more. I know that they’re young, I get it, but you know that going in they’re young. What are you doing to help them? And that I’d like to see that after this little mini bye, a little self scouting over the weekend from Sirianni.”

– Justin Morganstein (@jmotweets_) is a staff writer for InsideTheBirds.com.

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